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Razer Hypersense Suit

Enter The Metaverse

Suit up for the metaverse and make the virtual feel real with our Razer HyperSense Suit—a highly-advanced, full-body gaming suit powered by Razer™ HyperSense haptic technology.

From hard-hitting blows to heart-melting romance, amplify every sensation and emotion in all your favorite games—the way it was meant to be experienced.

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Razer™ Hypersense Technology

Touch-sensory Feedback and Emotion Simulation

With over 1,333,337 integrated haptic sensors, you’ll be able to feel everything across every inch of your body, from physical impacts and sensations to intense human emotions. Feeling too much (or not enough) pain? Tune down or crank up the level of haptic feedback via its built-in chest button or Razer Synapse.

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Complete your immersion on PC or console by pairing the Razer HyperSense Suit with our current arsenal.

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Enter The Metaverse

Fully Immersive Gaming Metaverse

When fully suited up, the Razer HyperSense Suit syncs with your consciousness and senses, transporting you to an alternate reality that’s as lifelike, immersive, and interactive as the real world—allowing you to play on a stage that’s far bigger than the physical confines of your room.

All-day Comfort And Protection

  • Stretchable, Sweatproof Fabric

    Stretchable, Sweatproof Fabric

    Using a modified version of the breathable Razer Flowknit fabric found on our latest headsets, the suit provides quick-drying comfort and full-range mobility to ensure you remain fresh and agile throughout every gaming marathon.

  • Durable, Lightweight Armor

    Durable, Lightweight Armor

    Made of an intelligent metal alloy, the Razer HyperSense Suit can scale to the exact toughness of your in-game armor, protecting you from threats, virtual or otherwise.

Powered By Razer Chroma™ RGB

Immersive Style

With access to 16.8 million colors and a suite of lighting effects, apply your preferred settings and live out your greatest Tron fantasy, as the suit glows and reacts to each sensation and emotion.

Tech Specs

  1. Suit
    • 1,333,337 haptic sensors powered by Razer™ HyperSense
    • Metaverse Bio-Ware
    • Modified Razer™ Flowknit Fabric
    • Intelligent metal alloy
    • Powered by Razer Chroma™ RGB
    • Battery-life: Undeterminable, kinetically charged through suit movement


  • Will wearing the Razer HyperSense Suit turn me into a certain metal superhero?

    No, as the suit is neither equipped with military armament nor does it enhance your physical performance in any way.

  • What is the recommended duration for me to wear Razer HyperSense Suit for?

    For however long you’d like to truly feel alive.

  • What should I do if I can’t remove the Razer HyperSense Suit?

    We recommend an immediate reframing of your perspective, such that the question asked would be: “why would I want to?”

  • What happens if the Razer HyperSense Suit starts taking over my consciousness?

    In the unlikely event of the suit overriding the host’s functions, take comfort in knowing that your consciousness will be uploaded to the cloud and exist forever in the Metaverse.