Automatically Boost Your Gaming Performance

Customize the popular features of Razer Cortex in Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 devices

STEP 1 GET THE WIDGET From the Microsoft Store
STEP 2 DOWNLOAD CORTEX Get the latest version here

**Important** The content of this page is based on the latest version of Windows 10 64 bit with the latest Xbox Game Bar.


Have Razer Cortex’s BOOST and RESTORE features at your fingertips when you enable the widget in Xbox Game Bar. End unnecessary processes and services running in the background to free up more resources to your PC, while its CPU CORE feature improves the efficiency of gaming processes on CPU resources.


While gaming is already its own reward, enjoy it even more with PAID TO PLAY games. Our Razer Cortex widget makes it easy to check on the latest and upcoming games you can earn Razer Silver with. Check in daily, play, and redeem Razer Silver for a variety of exciting rewards—including Razer gear, games, exclusive gift cards and more.


  1. What is Xbox Game Bar?

    • Xbox Game Bar is a customizable, gaming overlay built into Windows 10 that works with most PC games. It offers more functionality without having to leave your game, with instant access to widgets for:
      • Screen capture and sharing
      • Chatting with Xbox friends across Xbox console, mobile, and PC
      • Boosting your game performance with the new Raze Cortex widget
  2. How do I open Xbox Game Bar?

    • Press the Windows logo key + G to open Game Bar over your game, app or desktop. Custom hotkeys can be added as shortcuts to special Xbox Game Bar functions.
  3. Why my Razer Cortex widget doesn't work with the Xbox Game Bar?

    • Before launching Razer Cortex widget on your Xbox Game Bar, make sure that your Xbox Game Bar is up-to-date. Get the latest version.
  4. How should I launch the Razer Cortex widget?

    • Please launch the Widget from the Xbox Game Bar (Win+G by default. You won't be able to launch it from the Start Menu or anywhere else).
  5. How do I use Razer Cortex in Xbox Game Bar?

    1. Get the Razer Cortex widget for Xbox Game Bar.
    2. Download and install the latest Razer Cortex version with Xbox Game Bar support.
    3. Upon opening Xbox Game Bar, select Razer Cortex from the widget menu. Widgets can be moved, resized or pinned to your screen.
  6. What Razer Cortex features are available in the Cortex widget for Xbox Box Game Bar?

    • The widget lets you use Razer Cortex’s Boost and Restore features via the overlay. You can also get a quick view of the latest game deals as well as ongoing and upcoming Paid to Play games.
  7. If I'm using the normal Razer Cortex version, how do I get it working with Xbox Game Bar?

    • First, you’ll need to grab the Razer Cortex widget from the Microsoft Store. Next, launch Razer Cortex from the Xbox Game Bar widget menu. The widget checks for the compatible version of Razer Cortex. If the version is too old, it will show a message and open the webpage for download. If you are prompted to update your Razer Cortex version, simply follow and complete the upgrade guide. After Razer Cortex has updated, go back to the widget to log in and enjoy.
  8. How do I know if my Windows 10 devices support Xbox Game Bar?

    • All versions of Windows 10 released after May 2019 support Xbox Game Bar. You can get the latest version of Windows 10 here: Get the latest version.

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