Robin “ropz” Kool was only 17 when he first began his illustrious career with mousesports as a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. Famed and feared for his deadly aim and swift, accurate strikes, ropz has risen quickly through the ranks to become one of the apex predators in the game.

Describing the moment he knew he was going to turn pro as “very unbelievable”, ropz has come a long way from being just another kid who admired the pros to becoming one of them. Forged by adversity, ropz’s talent and determination has led to him being featured as one of HLTV’s top 10 players for 2019 and he is expected to shine again in the top 10 for 2020.


Behind the scenes, there is much more to ropz’s journey towards becoming a professional CS:GO player. Once accused of misconduct by the very circle he looked up to, ropz faced an uphill battle in the early days of his career—however, that incident only steeled his resolve to prove himself through victory.

Despite all odds, the aspirant from humble beginnings emerged triumphant at the ESL One New York in 2018—a truly impressive feat which still ranks as his most significant win to date. ropz's dogged determination to be the best version of himself and willingness to learn from past defeats has undoubtedly shaped him into the CS:GO legend we know today.


Mousesports is the most successful German esport club and one of the most storied professional gaming teams worldwide. Founded 2002 in Berlin, mousesports quickly became the team to beat in Germany. With the rise of the legendary Counter-Strike team, mousesports expanded into other important games to win World, European & National Championships alike.

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Beyond the packed stadiums, flashy buzzwords and million-dollar prizes, lies the real soul of esports. It’s the discipline to train non-stop and develop the strategy and skills to bend your opponent to your will. It’s the camaraderie and bonds made between teammates, fans and countrymen as you experience painful losses and the euphoria of victory. And most of all, it’s the never-ending drive and passion to keep competing—and win.



Across different game genres and platforms—from PC, to console to mobile gaming—Team Razer is a collective of the best teams and Esports athletes around the world. We are the elite and have the wins to prove it. But what really unites us isn’t the flashy trophies, but that we all share the same fire. No matter how many wins or losses the night before, we still get up every day to put in 100% again and again, because a true winner has no limits.


Esports is now a global phenomenon and breaking new records every day—but it didn’t happen overnight. What started from LAN parties has evolved to tiny competitions with more contestants than audience, to maxed-out stadiums and online viewership that dwarfs other traditional sports. And Razer was there since the beginning—backing events and sponsoring Team Razer Esports athletes.

Check out our milestones below.

Year 2000, the year that started it all. From sponsoring Cyber Athlete Professional League (CPL) with $100,000—an unprecedented amount at the time—to partnering with one of the world’s first pro gamers, Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, we began to make our mark on the Esports scene.

Warcraft III players Xiao Feng "Sky" Li & Jaeho "Moon" Jang, carrying the Olympic torch at the Beijing 2008 Olympics
Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, Cyber Athlete Professional League Champion
Razer sponsored teams: Fnatic, Dignitas & MeetYourMakers
Razer Sphex Esports edition mouse mats in 2009

As competitive gaming grew, so did our pool of elite Esports athletes. With teams like Team Liquid and LGD Gaming, and athletes like SlayerS_BoxeR and Method coming on board, we expanded to over 50 teams competing in dominant titles, and just kept on growing. In 2012, we formed a singular banner to spotlight the world’s elite Esports athletes—Team Razer.

Team Liquid, one of the biggest Esports organizations of all time
Counter Logic Gaming, WCG Champions
LGD Gaming, one of China’s largest Esports organizations
Evil Geniuses, one of the most dominant teams at the time

Team Razer started to dominate. In 2013, Team Alliance took home US$1.43 million at The International 3, the biggest Dota 2 competition at the time. Just two years later, SK Telecom T1 secured their 3rd consecutive win in the 2016 League of Legends World Championship, clinching US$2 million in prize money. This cemented their status as the world’s most dominating League of Legends team.

Taipei Assassins, 2012 RIOT League of Legends World Champions
Alliance, TI3 Champions
Home to Lee "Flash" Young Ho, one of the most accomplished Esports athletes of all time
SK Telecom T1, 3-time League of Legends World Champions

In 2017, we hit new milestones and big wins. We grew to 175 top Esports elites from 30 different countries, including SK Gaming, who won both ESL Cologne 2017 and EPICENTER 2017, and MenaRD who emerged champion for Capcom Cup. But nothing got bigger than this—Team Liquid were crowned Champions for The International 7 with $11.8 million in prize money.

SK Gaming, ESL Cologne 2017 & EPICENTER 2017 Champions
Team Razer sponsors Rise Nation, Street Fighter V players MenaRD and Marn, and their championship Call of Duty team
Team Liquid, The International 7 Champions
In 2017, Team Razer athletes score a total of $16 million in prize money

The global phenomenon continues. In 2018, we’ve signed on Seoul Dynasty and Los Angeles Valiant for Overwatch, mobile-only esports team Team Queso, and more. With a growing involvement in mobile Esports and active plans to get Esports into the 2019 Southeast Asian Games and 2024 Olympics, we continue to provide relentless support for our passionate athletes and teams—Esports will always be in our blood.

100 Thieves, home to renowned players Ryu & Aphromoo
Team Razer sponsors Seoul Dynasty, star players ryujehong, fleta and Miro, and their Worlds 2017 championship team, Gen.G
Team Razer sponsors Team Queso, the first mobile esports team competing in Vainglory, Arena of Valor and more


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