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Get rewarded for hyper-casual gaming


Coming soon to PC


Join our mini-game competitions on Razer Cortex and earn up to 20,000 Razer Silver by topping the leaderboards!

How to Participate

1. Download Razer Cortex
Games on any Android device

2. Log in with your Razer ID

3. Tap on the CORTEX INSTANT
banner in ACHIEVE

4. Select the game and
tournament type you want
to participate in

5. Check out your scores in the
leaderboard to see how much
Razer Silver you have earned​


Join our eco-champion Sneki Snek on his adventure in this seasonal mini-game to help Conservation International save real trees!

All proceeds gathered from the entry fee of Sneki Snek Adventure (Gold Tournaments) will be donated to Conservation International.

Support our journey to save 1 million trees - track our progress here!


Prefer gaming at your desk? Instant Games Tournaments will be available on the PC version of Razer Cortex soon. Stay tuned!


  • Will my score be submitted if I quit the game whilst the game is in session?

    If you quit the game before completing the game or if you exit the app whilst the game is in session, your score will not be submitted.

  • How am I ranked on the leaderboard?

    Your score in a particular game will be visible on the leaderboard once you complete a session of the game. If you subsequently achieve a higher score in that game, you will be re-ranked accordingly for that game's tournament.

    The final score will be reflected on the leaderboard after the end of the tournament cycle.

  • What is the duration of each tournament?

    The duration of each free tournament varies and is listed in the respective game title (“Free Tournament Cycle”).

    The duration of each premium tournament varies and is listed in the respective game title (“Premium Tournament Cycle”).

  • What happens after the tournaments end?

    The leaderboard will be refreshed after each tournament cycle.

  • How many times can I attempt a game in a premium tournament?

    Unless otherwise specified, there is no limit on the number of attempts you may have for any game within the Premium Tournament Cycle.

  • How long do I have to participate in a premium tournament?

    The entry to each premium tournament will be closed 10 minutes before the expiration of each Premium Tournament Cycle.

  • What happens once the player cap (if any) is reached for each Premium Tournament Cycle?

    A new Premium Tournament Cycle will automatically be created for you to join, where you will be able to compete with a different set of players.

  • How many players can win in one tournament?

    The number of winners and their respective prizes can vary from one Premium Tournament Cycle to another. The prize distribution for each Premium Tournament Cycle will be available under (Game->Select Tournament->Tap to see prizes).

  • What happens when scores are tied in a Premium Tournament Cycle?

    The user who achieves the highest score first in that particular game for the applicable Premium Tournament Cycle is given preference on the leaderboard.

  • How will the results of the tournaments be announced?

    The results for each tournament cycle will be available within 48 hours after the tournament. It can be found in the History Section under your Profile Page.

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