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Nobody likes bugs. You don’t. We don’t. That’s why we’d like your help to find bugs in our software and provide useful information in identifying, reproducing and ultimately exterminating any bugs. And to make it worth your while, we’ll even reward users that provide insightful feedback.

What are the benefits of reporting a bug?

Besides our gratitude, your assistance will lead to a much higher chance of the bug being fixed, resulting in an elevated user experience for our global community of gamers and fans.

We greatly value your feedback, and the most helpful reports can score a reward as a token of our appreciation—so keep your eyes peeled as you game, and win.

How do I report a bug or vulnerability?

We have partnered with Inspectiv (formerly known as "CESPPA") to help run this program.

Sign up as a Security Researcher with Inspectiv where you can then find details of the Razer programs, submission status and reward.

Which products can I help bug hunting with?

Razer Synapse

Razer Chroma

Razer Cortex

Razer ID

Razer Gold