Razer Gold PIN USD 10

Razer Gold

Razer Gold is the unified virtual credit for gamers worldwide. Use Razer Gold in over 2,500 games and entertainment apps to purchase in-game items and unlock exclusive content. Get more bang for your buck with exclusive promotions and get rewarded with Razer Silver, the loyalty rewards program for gamers.

Why you should use Razer Gold for your game and entertainment purchases

Get games at better prices

Limited edition Razer
branded in-game items

Exclusive promotions with
your favourite games

With every transaction performed via Razer Gold, you will score Razer Silver loyalty points. Razer Silver can be used to redeem a suite of rewards, ranging from Razer products, game keys, discount vouchers and more.

Purchase Razer Gold PIN today.
Available in denominations of USD 10, USD 20, USD 50 and USD 100.
If you want more information on:
• The latest Razer Gold and Silver promotion
• What games are supported by Razer Gold
• Creating and loading up your Razer Wallet

How to redeem your Razer Gold PIN

1. Visit gold.razer.com and sign into your Razer Gold account.
2. Click on [Reload Now] and select Razer Gold PIN as your payment method.
3. Input the PIN and click Next
4. Complete the 2-step authentication.
5. Start spending your Razer Gold and earn Razer Silver
FAQ for Razer Gold PIN
  1. What is a Razer Gold PIN?
    1. A Razer Gold PIN is a digital code used to reload Razer Gold wallets or top up participating game credits. When purchased on the RazerStore, it will be delivered directly to your email for use.
  2. Are there any restrictions on the usage of Razer Gold PINs?
    1. Razer Gold PINs purchased from Razer.com can be used to: • Reload Razer Gold wallets for the United States (not Global), or • Direct Top Up at participating game websites accepting USD
    2. For a list of merchants using Razer Gold, visit https://gold.razer.com/gold/catalog.
  3. How can I earn Razer Silver using Razer Gold PIN?
    1. Razer Silver is awarded for game or in-game content purchases using Razer Gold. Every USD1 worth of Razer Gold spent in a single transaction earns you 5% worth of Razer Silver.
    2. For more information about the Spend Razer Gold Earn Razer Silver campaign, visit https://gold.razer.com/silver/about.
  4. Will Razer Gold PINs expire?
    1. Yes. Razer Gold PINs are valid one year from the date of purchase on Razer.com. Please refer to your email receipt for the exact expiry date.
    2. Expired Razer Gold PINs cannot be reinstated so we recommend that you consume them as soon as possible.
  5. I am experiencing issues purchasing the Razer Gold PIN on Razer.com.
    1. Please contact Customer Support by phone (1-855-872-5233) or email if you experience difficulties completing your order on Razer.com.
  1. I did not receive my Razer Gold PIN after placing an order on Razer.com.
    1. After placing an order on Razer.com, you will receive:
      1. 1. An Order Confirmation email,
      2. 2. An email containing your Razer Gold PIN(s)
    2. Remember to check your Junk or Spam folder if you did not receive any of these emails after 24 hours.
    3. Otherwise, please contact Customer Support by phone (1-855-872-5233) or email for assistance.
  2. I am experiencing issues using my Razer Gold PIN.
    1. Please contact Razer Gold Customer Support with the following information: • Razer Gold PIN in question
      • Order Number
      • Email address used to place the order
  3. Can I return or refund my Razer Gold PIN?
    1. Exchanges, returns and refunds are not applicable for Razer Gold PINs.