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Project Linda


Razer's Project Linda concept is an ultraportable laptop design powered by the Android-based Razer Phone. The docked phone serves as an intelligent touchpad, bridging the gap between handheld entertainment and laptop convenience. The Razer Phone’s performance, display, and dual front-firing speakers combine seamlessly with Project Linda’s larger screen, keyboard, and battery to provide the ultimate mobile hybrid setup for gaming, creativity, and productivity.


The 13.3” Quad HD touchscreen extends the 120Hz experience available on the Razer Phone to a larger display, providing fluid motion and vibrant visuals. The 13.3” touch display of the laptop is ideal for gaming, entertainment, and creativity, or for multiple apps to run side by side. The 5.7” touchscreen of the Razer Phone can function as a touchpad, or as an interactive second touch display for custom interfaces or additional apps.


Enjoy the comfort and precision of a backlit laptop keyboard, powered by Razer Chroma. Ideal for both quick text entries and lengthy typing sessions, and complete with custom Android keys for navigation, app selection, searching, and more. The Sentio Desktop interface adds to the laptop experience providing a familiar layout and keyboard shortcuts.


Enjoy Android games in new ways with Project Linda. Connect a mouse for precise control and trigger actions quickly with the built-in keyboard. Take advantage of the second display for easy access to menus, maps, and more while in game.


Project Linda features a built-in power bank that quickly charges the Razer Phone while docked. Also, with 200GB of internal storage, Project Linda can house local apps, games, media, and offline phone backups.


Crafted from CNC aluminum, the durable 0.59-inch thin laptop is ready for the road. The Razer Phone docks easily into Project Linda and connects with a simple key press, seamlessly integrating the devices. Immersive audio is delivered through the front-firing speakers of the Razer Phone or enjoyed with a set of headphones connected to the 3.5mm jack.