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Anyone Can Stream

Anyone Can Stream


Exploding onto the scene, streaming is a worldwide phenomenon that allows you to share what you love most with a global following of fans and friends. At Razer, we believe this is an exciting opportunity that belongs to everyone—we’ll show you, in four steps, why living the dream could be easier than you think.


Follow your passion, find your niche and create your own unique brand of content to define your identity as a streamer and separate your voice from the noise. Remember—no matter your profession, personality type or life stage, you can make streaming work for you by channeling your unique talents and traits in a way that plays to your advantage.

First up, here are a few examples of streamer categories so you can decide which fits you best and customize your profile accordingly.


Led by curiosity and wonder, you dive headfirst into a wide range of games, entertaining viewers with the unique and versatile ways in which you react and adapt to the different trials and challenges that come your way.


Your penchant for domination and unwavering focus on winning have made you deadly. Highly proficient at one specific game that is both challenging and ruthlessly competitive, you enlighten your audience with tips and insights that leave them in awe.


What you lack in pro moves, you more than make up for in personality. Using popular games as a platform, you engage your audience through wit, humor and banter, and make them fall in love with gaming all over again.


An invaluable repository of knowledge for all matters related to the real world, you broadcast non-gaming related interests such as fashion, tech, cooking, pet care, and ASMR.

Make your voice heard
Connect with like-minded streamers

“Somewhere out there is an audience that will be drawn to your style, as long as you understand the qualities that define your personality and let them shine throughout your stream.” - Sombrero

“It's better to have someone who does the same thing as I do because in that way, we can give advice to each other. We can also provide feedback on how we can grow faster in this industry and how we can collaborate and help to promote each other.” - MikaDaime

"Be yourself and don't try to play a different role than the one you play every day.” - Guill

“Watch streamers from your country and around the world to see what they’re doing, learn from it and give it your own spin.” - Mediacorp 987 DJ, Joakim Gomez


Think of streaming as an extension of what you already love doing, rather than a new, time-consuming activity. For example—as a gamer, streaming would simply mean sharing your game time with a like-minded community that cheers on your every victory.


“For me, it’s about giving people a place to relax and chill out” - enz2h
“It only takes a few people to watch you, and the rest will follow” - Juddy19x
“I’m a part time streamer and full time student” - QueenCavie
“I utilize my background experience with mental health to create a fun and inclusive environment.” -Shez
Bring lesser-known content to light
Maintain visibility

“Streaming a game that’s not super popular will help you to be one of the first streams the viewer will see when searching for that game. It's a bigger chance they will click the stream rather than scrolling through a game that plenty other people are playing.” - msvosch

“Having a regular time that viewers can catch your stream allows them to get their own schedules sorted, and know when to make time to watch your content. ” - HolmesinFive

“You always want to change up your schedule not only to help you find games that you might enjoy, but also give your community a chance to see you in a different way. They get to see you get excited, sad or happy!" ​ - RedQueen

“It’s important to have a regular schedule for a lot of reasons: People will realize you are serious about creating content for them. Devs can depend on you for you to cover their games. Publishers like to stay on schedule so if you are dependable and reliable with regards to a time frame, then a lot more opportunities will come your way more often.” - NorkDorf


To win, you’ve got to stay in the game—so make patience your ultimate weapon in this fight. Hang tight, even when things don’t go as planned. Take your time to learn the tricks of the trade and come up with a few of your own while having loads of fun with your audience along the way. In time, your passion will speak for itself and your perseverance will be rewarded.

Treat each stream as the real thing
Amp up your audience interaction

“Even if you have a few viewers, you have to be entertaining. But with every stream there might be some new viewers who would return and tune in again the next day.” - Fixx

“It doesn’t matter if the viewers are regulars or just passers-by. My viewers once told me that when they said ‘Hello’ and we greeted them back, they were very happy. Although it may seem like a small deed for some, it can be a big deal for other people. That is why we cannot overlook it!” - Pangchom

“You’ve got to love what you’re doing. If you genuinely enjoy streaming, people who watch you will catch onto it. It is very important to care for and show gratitude however way you can to the people who watch and support you on a daily basis.” - Ronro

“The more I interact with my viewers, the more inclined they are to stay and chat. You also get to know them and build really strong relationships with them. They are very loyal and very supportive no matter what game I play!” - RedQueen


Microphones, webcams, and accessories—it’s easy once you know your gear. To get you up to speed as a streamer, we'll be covering all the different pieces of equipment you’ll need to complete your first setup and show you how it all comes together.



A USB microphone is a high quality, cost-efficient, and easy-to-use solution for communicating effectively with your viewers.


Webcams that deliver uncompressed 1080p 60FPS quality are your go-to choice for a professional, yet highly affordable setup.



Receives real-time gameplay transmitted from the capture card and broadcasts it onto a streaming platform like Twitch.


This is the control center where you customize your settings and connect to your streaming platform. Streaming software like OBS can be downloaded for free.


This is the video streaming platform through which your content is broadcast to viewers.



This pro-level device connects to your streaming PC or console—capturing gameplay footage in real-time to produce the high-quality stream your audience deserves.


Make your voice heard with our line of acclaimed streaming gear that’s designed for ease of use.