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Streaming is more than just the size of a following—it’s following your passion. That’s why we created the #RazerStreamer program. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, as long as you have the drive and enthusiasm to entertain the gaming community, we’re here to provide the support and opportunity you deserve to fully realize your potential. Take the next step in your streaming journey. Become a #RazerStreamer.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got 10 or 10,000 followers— Enroll with #RazerStreamer to enjoy exciting discounts and benefits to every category of streamer.


Every month, we’ll be posting a #RazerQuest: a list of streaming and gaming tasks all Razer Streamers can compete in for a shot at winning rewards.


Every month, we'll be selecting a group of Razer Streamers to host on our official Twitch channel—the perfect opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the Razer community and expand your fan base!


Start earning commission for Razer products you love when you sign up as a #RazerStreamer advocate—the perfect way to supplement your streaming.

*The #RazerStreamer program is not an official brand sponsorship but a community program designed to encourage and promote streaming for gamers of all levels.



Up to 49 followers


Up to 499 followers


500 followers and above




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Engage, Emote, and Entertain! Available only to #RazerStreamer members for 40% off at the Razer store, the Emote Display lights up stream-reactive emoticons in response to your audience as they interact with your livestream!

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It's exciting to see the Razer Streamer Program engaging streamers earlier on in their journey and we're glad that we're teaming up together on this.
— Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis

An exclusive hub for #RazerStreamers

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• Get the latest news and updates on the #RazerStreamer program
• Join exclusive #RazerStreamer activities - Including #RazerQuest
• Connect with fellow #RazerStreamers


Fill up your details below and be one step closer to being a #RazerStreamer.

VIEW #RazerStreamer FAQ

  • 1. What is the #RazerStreamer program?
    The program is an initiative focused on supporting New and upcoming streamers by offering perks and rewards provided by Razer and our partners.
  • 2. What kind of rewards can I expect?
    Razer discounts and affiliation, access to resources that will help you further grow your channel, and more!
  • 3. Does this mean I’m sponsored by razer?
    The Razerstreamer program is not an official brand sponsorship but a community program designed to encourage and promote streaming.
  • 4. Is there a contract that I am tied to?
    Absolutely not. The program is really about helping the streaming community by offering perks and rewarding streamers. You could just redeem the perks and ignore the program if you like—but you might miss out on the interesting things we have lined up!
  • 5. Can I get free Razer products?
    • • Unfortunately not. But you can use your tier reward code to purchase a Razer product at a lower price!
    • • However, if you’re in the “Almost Famous” tier, you are eligible for free products in exchange for product reviews depending on seasonality.
  • 6. Is there a specific platform I have to stream on?
    Absolutely not! We support all major streaming platforms.
  • 7. Where do I place the #RazerStreamer hashtag in my stream?
    You can place the #RazerStreamer in the title, description or in the overlay of your stream.
  • 8. Where should I list the products I am using?
    List the Razer peripherals you are currently using within the description of your stream!
  • 9. Must I only use Razer gear to enter the program?
    No. However, to participate in #RazerQuest you must be using at least one Razer peripheral.
  • 10. Does the Razer Blade count as a peripheral?
    a. It’s technically not a peripheral but…yes!
  • 11. What happens after I apply for the program?
    Razer reviews your application. Once confirmed, your info is added into our database. You will then be contacted by our staff and receive access to your perks within 7-10 business days.
  • 12. What is Razer Quest?
    It’s an exclusive monthly streaming challenge issued via email. By participating, you stand a chance to win monthly prizes and be featured on our Streamers of the Month page on Razer.com.
  • 13. Where do I get info on how to participate in #RazerQuest?
    As long as you’re a registered #RazerStreamer, you’ll receive a monthly email with details about the latest #RazerQuest of the month.
  • 14. I’ve met the requirements for the next #RazerStreamer tier and would like to be upgraded. Is this possible?
    Yes, this is possible. Send us an email in the following format and we’ll be sure to upgrade you and award you with your New perks!

    • Format is as follows:

    • 1. Subject Line – “[Insert current tier here] - Request to be promoted”
    • 2. Body Line – Share your promotion request and provide a link to your stream account page/s.
  • 15. What type of partnerships does the #RazerStreamer program have?
    Razer is offering perks and rewards via partnerships that are focused to the core of streaming that help New streamers along their journey. Perks will consist of mentorship, tech experts to help debug stream issues, access to multistreaming to help build and expand your following, and more! We’re always looking for more partnerships so that we can offer you more perks.
  • 16. Who do I contact if I’m interested in becoming a sponsored streamer?
    You can reach out to our social teams on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
  • 17. What is the difference between the #RazerStreamer program and being a sponsored streamer?
    The #RazerStreamer program is a platform to support streamers by offering perks and rewards provided by Razer and our partners. Different to the program, a sponsored streamer is an officially appointed ambassador of Razer that works together with Razer to promote the brand and our products. Views and opinions expressed by our partners may not necessarily reflect the official policies or position of Razer’s.
  • 18. How does the #RazerStreamer program communicate with its streamers?
    We communicate primarily through email. That is where you will receive your monthly #RazerQuest challenge, and how we notify you of your acceptance into the #RazerStreamer program.
  • 19. Is there a #RazerStreamer account log in?
    No. There is currently no requirement for an account associated with your #RazerStreamer profile.
  • 20. How do I leave the #RazerStreamer program?
    Email us at [email protected] with the link to your streaming platform and we will remove you from our database.
  • 21. How do I report a #RazerStreamer for inappropriate behavior?
    If you come across any #RazerStreamer behaving inappropriately, send a screenshot or video evidence to [email protected], along with a description of what offense was committed for us to review.
  1. You accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  2. Use the hashtag #RazerStreamer across all your streams to be eligible for all promotions, activities and rewards under this program.
  3. You confirm that your use of the streaming platform is in accordance with and do not violate the relevant terms of use.
  4. Razer has the absolute discretion to award you the relevant #RazerStreamer tier. All our decisions are final.
  5. You will be notified by email if you are eligible for the program. The redemption code sent to you can only be used once on RazerStore and is not transferable.
  6. By signing up for the #RazerStreamer program, you agree to receive emails from Razer about any news, promotions or activities associated with the program.
  7. To participate in #RazerQuest, you must use at least one Razer Broadcaster Hardware product (for e.g. the Razer Kiyo or Razer Seiren X) for your streams. In addition, you must accept our Additional Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions.
  8. You hereby grant Razer a worldwide, perpetual and irrevocable license to use or repost any #RazerQuest content created by you on our social platforms or website.
  9. You accept and acknowledge that you are participating in a community program designed to encourage and promote streaming. You shall not make any statement or representation that may suggest or imply that you are sponsored by or associated with Razer.
  10. Razer reserves the right to moderate, modify or remove any streams which we deem inappropriate or offensive.
  11. Razer has the absolute discretion to suspend or discontinue your participation in the #RazerStreamer program for inappropriate conduct or any conduct that violates our Terms of Service.
  12. #RazerStreamer program is not available to employees of Razer or its affiliates, and their immediate family members.
  13. For enquiries or support, please contact [email protected]
*The #RazerStreamer program is not an official brand sponsorship but a community program designed to encourage and promote streaming for gamers of all levels.
We have received your submission.