Nobody likes bugs. You don’t. We don’t. That’s why we’d like your help to find bugs in our software and provide useful information in identifying, reproducing and ultimately exterminating any bugs. And to make it worth your while, we’ll even reward users that provide insightful feedback with a little treat.

How can I help?

Simple. Provide as much information as possible when sending in feedback. That includes:

  • Your system log information (easier when submitting through our software directly)
  • Version number of your software & type of OS.
  • Details on what happened.
  • Can you reproduce it? If so, how?
  • Did you change anything on your system lately?
  • Does it happen within a specific game? Or in desktop environment?

Which products can I help bug hunting with?

Razer Synapse
Razer Synapse 3
Razer Chroma
Razer Cortex

What do I get out of it?

Our gratitude! Not enough?

A higher chance of the bug being fixed! Still not enough?

Score Razer Gold valued up to US$100 for your next gaming purchase on us—just by sending in the most helpful feedback! Don’t say we don’t aim to please.

How do I report bugs?

Using the Submit Feedback Function in your Software.