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Be a #RazerStreamer

Be a #RazerStreamer


  • What is the #RazerStreamer program?

    The program is an initiative focused on supporting new and upcoming streamers by offering perks and rewards provided by Razer and our partners.

  • What kind of rewards can I expect?

    Razer discounts and affiliation, access to resources that will help you further grow your channel, and more!

  • Does this mean I’m sponsored by razer?

    The Razer Streamer program is not an official brand sponsorship but a community program designed to encourage and promote streaming.

  • Is there a contract that I am tied to?

    Absolutely not. The program is about helping the streaming community by offering perks and rewarding streamers. There are also opportunities to represent Razer as a community rep with our ongoing events and activities so stay tuned!

  • Can I get free Razer products?

    You can use your one-time discount code to purchase a Razer product at a lower price, which is available on every tier.

  • Is there a specific platform I have to stream on?

    Absolutely not! We support all major streaming platforms.

  • Where do I place the #RazerStreamer hashtag in my stream?

    You can place the #RazerStreamer in the title, description or in the overlay of your stream.