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Keep the competition in your kill zone, as you enter your comfort zone with the Razer Iskur—an ergonomic gaming chair designed for posture-perfect hardcore gaming. When it comes to maintaining top form, we’ve always got your back.

Tom's guide
"This gaming chair saved my back"
Toms Guide
Windows Central Best of 2021
"...if you want the best (and healthiest) gaming chair around, the Iskur is it."
Windows Central
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"The Best Premium Gaming Chair"
Android Central
Toms Hardware
"The Razer Iskur is an excellent option for gamers looking for long-term comfort for those marathon sessions."
Toms Hardware


Unlike most gaming chairs which have lumbar pillows that shift over time or fixed supports that can’t be adjusted, the Razer Iskur provides total lower back support with a built-in, fully adjustable lumbar curve that closely aligns to your spine—ensuring ideal gaming posture for maximum comfort in gaming marathons.

Spill-resistant Fabric

The chair’s densely woven yarn feels incredibly soft yet is tough enough for everyday use as it’s resistant against water, oil, and dirt.


For the perfect balance of support and comfort, the Razer Iskur has plush, dense cushions which provide better contouring, allowing your weight to apply just enough pressure as they mold to support your unique body shape.


Enjoy fully customizable positioning with armrests that can be adjusted up and down, forwards and backwards, left and right, and rotated inwards or outwards.


With a steel-reinforced body, armrests and wheelbase, this ergonomic gaming chair can support a weight of up to 299 lbs/136 kg, and is ideal for gamers with a height of 5’6”–6’2” / 170–190 cm. It also features angled seat edges to maximize resting surface area.

Recommended Size


The Razer Iskur comes with a head cushion made of highly dense, yet malleable memory foam that molds to the shape of your head for the right amount of support and comfort.


Get up to 3 years of warranty and access reliable tech support. Purchase directly from RazerStore and get 14 days risk-free returns.


  • What makes the lumbar support system on the Razer Iskur different?

    The lumbar support system of our gaming chairs supports the full curvature of the spine to achieve a neutral spine position for healthy posture.

  • How much warranty comes with the Razer Iskur?

    3 years warranty covering defective parts and components. Not including standard wear and tear.

  • What international test standards has the Razer Iskur passed?

    International standards including BIFMA x5.1 and EN 1335-1

  • Which chair is the best for good posture?

    Ergonomic gaming chairs work best for gamers who enjoy gaming for hours on end. Ergonomic chairs can help alleviate pressure on the spine and maintain good posture for a healthy spine.

  • How do you maintain good posture in a gaming chair?

    The Razer Iskur gaming chair provides optimum lumbar support and straightens your posture without shortchanging you on comfort.

  • Do gaming chairs help back pain?

    Gaming chairs can ease back pain by keeping you comfortable during marathon gaming sessions as it keeps your spine in the correct alignment. Strain is also taken off your neck since your lumbar will be adequately supported.