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Meet Sneki Snek, Razer’s chief gaming mascot!

WARNING: May induce cute rage. Made for Razer fans of all ages, this cutie is optimized for cuddles and created for a good cause, as the sale of every Sneki Snek plushie will go towards saving 10 trees - a small but important gesture in aiding the conservation of our planet’s wonderful nature and wildlife.

Meet Sneki Snek

Meet Sneki Snek

What started off as a sketch by one of Razer’s designers for his newborn has since spawned into countless memes, amazing tattoos, and a dedicated fanpage.

As one of the Razer community’s most popular requests, we’re caving in and turning Sneki Snek into an actual plushie—a cutie that’s optimized for cuddles and made for Razer fans of all ages.