e-wallet app that is smart, swift and secure.

Razer Pay - now available:

Singapore Launch


Razer Pay is an e-wallet app that provides users with instant access to their money online. With a robust and secure payment system that is widely accepted across merchants in Malaysia, you can add funds to your Razer Pay account, top up mobile prepaid accounts, make purchases at your nearest 7-Eleven, and even send or receive money from friends.


An Easy Way to Pay

From merchant payments to instant money transfers, Razer Pay keeps the payment process simple and convenient. Just open the app, scan a code, and make your desired payment transaction.


Convenient and Secure

Get instant access to your money online through your mobile app and securely use your online banking account through one-time passcode verifications.


A Rewarding Experience

Discover unique promotions and exclusive rewards across many major e-commerce and retail merchants.