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No matter how grand the Emperor’s plan is, its boots on the ground that get the job done. Display your loyalty to the Empire with a limited-edition, officially licensed Star Wars Xbox controller and charging stand—inspired by the iconic Stormtrooper.

Inspired by the Stormtrooper

Add a much-needed dose of galactic order to your gaming setup with this must-have collectible for Imperial loyalists and Star Wars fans alike.

Wireless and Universal

Designed to work with Xbox Series X|S and all Xbox One models, pair the controller quickly and easily with just one button—a fast, stable connection that also works for PC (Windows 10) or Mac gaming*.

*Requires Xbox Wireless Adapter sold separately.

Impulse Analog Triggers

Whether you’re firing a gun or taking hits, feel the action and be in the moment with triggers that not only vibrate as you game, but are pressure-sensitive for a finer level of precision.

Textured Grips

Just like the latest Xbox controllers, this model comes with textured grips on its triggers, bumpers, and back-case—making it feel more natural and easier to hold.

Quick Charge

Able to fully charge your controller in under 3 hours, the stand is also designed with overcharge protection to prevent overheating and short circuiting.

Magnetic Contact System

Mount your controller easily and never worry about its charge being interrupted thanks to a magnetic design that secures the controller to the stand.

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We’ve Got You Covered

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