The World’s Fastest Wireless Mouse Technology

The World’s Fastest Wireless Mouse Technology


In-game performance is a combination of man and machine. To game as best as humanly possible, your gear shouldn’t be what defines your limits. With Razer HyperPolling Technology, we’re raising the standards of what true gaming responsiveness should be.


By combining Razer HyperPolling with the ultra-low-latency connection of Razer HyperSpeed, we’re able to deliver the world’s fastest wireless performance with a true polling rate of up to 8000 Hz. This enables our devices to report 8x more frequently than other wireless peripherals, which have an average polling rate of only 1000 Hz.


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By utilizing a high-speed USB microcontroller, Razer HyperPolling surpasses the industry standard of 1000 Hz with a true 8000 Hz polling rate—which is the rate at which your device reports to your PC. With the ability to send up to 8 times more data in a second, this effectively reduces delay from 1 to 1/8th of a millisecond.


Razer HyperPolling not only provides the fastest click latency, but also keeps the click-to-click variance to an absolute minimum—making it superior to other leading gaming technologies.

#1 RAZER HYPERPOLLING WIRED (8000 Hz) 0.090 ms
#4 BEST NON-RAZER WIRED (1000Hz) 0.549 ms
#5 RAZER HYPERSPEED Wireless (1000 Hz) 0.934 ms
#6 BEST NON-RAZER Wireless (1000 Hz) 1.453 ms

See how Razer HyperPolling Technology compares against other products side-by-side:

Closer Distribution = Consistent Click Response

Lower Value = Faster Click Response

*Measurements show time delta between the electrical actuation of the mouse click to USB frame reception at the host computer (accurate up to 1μs) tested in a controlled environment.


A high polling rate becomes more important with high refresh rate monitors, as it’s able to send more current data to match the display’s faster frequency. Mice with lower polling rates are less likely to keep up, which can result in annoying micro-stutters.


As Razer HyperPolling provides up to 8 times more data reports per second, the delay between its latest report and your monitor’s frame rendering is much less compared to that of a 1000 Hz polling rate, resulting in smoother and more up-to-date cursor positions.

Conversely, lower polling rates will have longer delays which can introduce micro-stutters or sudden jumps in your cursor position, making your mouse movement choppy.


Unlike the usual chase for higher DPI, we believe in giving gamers an actual advantage. If it truly had any practical applications in gaming, then the highest DPI settings would be used by every esports player.

Latency is a universal issue that affects all gamers, and Razer HyperPolling Technology is an innovation everyone can gain from, regardless of the way you play. As validated through blind tests, many competitive players have noticed a significantly smoother and more responsive gaming experience—a benefit which can be appreciated by all.


If your Razer HyperPolling mouse is experiencing lag, stutter, or disconnection, we recommend taking the following steps to create the optimal conditions.


  1. Disable software that runs an overlay or injects kernel level drivers.
  • This applies to drivers for installed devices and drivers for 3rd party software running in the background.
  1. Ensure the correct in-game settings are enabled.
  • Some examples are the ‘Raw Input Buffer’ in Valorant and ‘High Precision Mouse Input’ in Overwatch.
  1. Shut down any non-essential applications that are keeping your CPU busy.

  2. Set a lower polling rate for Razer HyperPolling (4000 or 2000 Hz).
  • Some game engines, particularly in older titles, simply cannot handle high polling rate devices well, as they were never designed with such devices in mind.
  1. Disable ‘Enhance Pointer Precision’ in the Windows control panel.
  • This setting may cause the mouse sensitivity to feel much lower than the set value.
  1. Ensure you are using the latest version of Windows 11.
  • The Windows 11 Moment 3 (KB5027303) update introduces optimizations specifically for high report rate devices, which includes all of our HyperPolling-enabled gaming mice.


HyperPolling Wired

  1. Ensure the mouse is directly connected to a native USB port on your PC.

HyperPolling Wireless
  1. Ensure the HyperPolling Dongle is in line of sight of your mouse and within a 30 cm range.
  • Ideally, it should also be as far as possible from any active USB 3 hubs, which can generate 2.4 GHz signal noise that interferes with wireless performance.
  1. Ensure other wireless devices near the mouse are switched to 5 GHz mode (where applicable) or connected via cable.
  • By freeing up more bandwidth on 2.4 GHz, your mouse will have a cleaner wireless environment that allows it to perform to its fullest potential.
  1. In rare instances, your PC may not be powerful enough to support Razer HyperPolling.
  • For CPU-bound cases, the computer might lack the resources needed to process 8,000 reports a second.
  1. If you are experiencing any issues, try to unplug/replug your dongle.



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