Whether you choose to slay with style, or with skill—when the cult of gaming meets the king of the urban jungle, you know the hype is real. This season, we’re raising the stakes with A Gaming Ape Spring/Summer 2022—an exclusive new line of Razer x BAPE® peripherals and apparel designed to steal the scene in epic fashion.

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We open on the interior of a neon-lit industrial warehouse. Standing in the middle is a man wearing a black Razer x BAPE Shark Full Zip Hoodie.
The hoodie is completely zipped up to the head, which covers his face and shows off the bold shark design along the hood. Throughout the rest of the apparel, BAPE’s iconic camo print is mixed with
Razer’s Triple-Headed Snake logo in a combination of dark and acid green.
Text appears: Razer x A Bathing Ape
Camera cuts to a side view of the hood, highlighting one half of the shark design.
We cut back to a wider shot of the mysterious man, who now stands in front of a Razer x BAPE gaming setup.
A unique logo appears as part of the collaboration, showing the BAPE ape wearing a Razer Kraken headset.
Text appears: A Gaming Ape. Spring/Summer 2022.
A quick montage highlights the unique Razer BlackWidow V3 and Razer Laptop Skin created for the collection, which share the unique camo print design seen on the hoodie.
Shifting focus from the mysterious man, the camera swipes to a New shot that reveals a black male model wearing a black snapback cap with the ‘A GAMING APE’ logo.
With his hoodie unzipped, we see a black Razer x BAPE tee underneath which bears a big ‘A GAMING
APE’ logo on the front.
We cut to another shot as the male model is now wearing the white version of the tee.
The camera cuts to a lower angle, revealing a pair of black and acid green BAPE STA Sneakers featuring the unique camo print.
We shift focus to an asian female model who showcases the Quartz (pink) version of the sneakers and tee, followed by the hoodie—which includes a pair of pink kitty ears atop the hood. Unlike the dark and acid green color combination on the black apparel, the Quartz apparel features a white and grey color combination.
We cut back to the mysterious man, as he hits ‘enter’ on the keyboard to summon the models.
The male and female model glitch teleport into the man’s neon-lit warehouse.
A quick montage highlights the rest of the collection, which includes sweat shorts and the Razer Iskur X gaming chair—all available in black or Quartz (pink).
The ‘A GAMING APE’ logo appears.
Text appears: Spring/Summer 2022
The three models turn to look at the camera.
Text appears: Razer x A Bathing Ape
The screen cuts to black.
Text appears: Coming Soon. Agamingape.com.

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