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How to earn Razer Silver

Get rewarded on the go


also available on PC


Redeem epic rewards with Razer Silver which you can earn while gaming on the go simply by:

Log in every day to claim Razer Silver with DAILY LOOT in ACHIEVE

Launch featured
via the app

Complete tasks on the GAME REWARDS OFFERWALL


Once you've racked up Razer Silver, use them to redeem fantastic rewards. Be spoiled for choice with our range of Razer gear, games and digital vouchers. Discover our full suite of rewards in the Razer Silver catalog here.

Learn more about Razer Silver here.


1. Log into the Razer Cortex Games app on any Android device with your Razer ID. Daily Achievements will guide you to Achieve more.

2. Claim Daily Loot. It’s that easy!

3. Complete one PLAY TO EARN game session by launching any game from Cortex’s PLAY TO EARN GAMES. Then playfor more than 3 minutes to earn Razer Silver

4. Participate in more tasks in ACHIEVE or GAMES REWARD OFFERWALL to earn additional Razer Silver

5. Check out your Razer Silver balance to see how much Silver you have earned today.


Launch these featured titles from Razer Cortex Games this week and secure Razer Silver after 3 minutes of consecutive gameplay!

Auto Defense


Earn even more Razer Silver through desktop gaming with the PC version of Razer Cortex: Play to Earn.


  • Can I participate in Play to Earn Mobile and earn Razer Silver without a Razer ID?

    Razer ID is required to deposit your silver into an account which also works with other Razer software and partners. There are many places to earn Silver beyond Razer Cortex and you can track it all with one Razer ID account. To create a Razer ID, simply tap the top right icon on the Razer Cortex Games for Android home screen. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful account creation.

  • Can I still earn Razer Silver from a Play to Earn game if I launched the game directly from my phone, instead of using Razer Cortex Games?

    Games must be launched from inside Razer Cortex Games to enable the Play to Earn tracking. Once a Play to Earn session has started, your phone should display an app notification which indicates that a Play to Earn session has started. Once a Play to Earn session has ended, you will receive an app notification that your Play to Earn session has ended. If you meet the required 3 minutes game play for play session, Silver will be waiting for you inside the Razer Cortex Games.

  • Do I need to play a Play to Earn game in order to claim my Razer Silver daily login bonus?

    No! You can claim your daily login bonus once you’ve logged in to the Razer Cortex Games app with your Razer ID. Come back daily to claim more Silver.

  • Are there any bigger Razer Silver bonuses if I continue logging in daily?

    Yes! You earn 10 Razer Silver when you log in every day. You will earn 25 Razer Silver on the 10th day, 50 Razer Silver on the 50th day and 100 Razer Silver on the 100th day.

  • Will my Razer Silver daily login bonus be reset if I miss a login?

    No. You won’t lose your daily login progress because consecutive daily logins are not required.

  • How do I check how much Razer Silver I’ve earned across all Razer software and partner games?

    You can do so by logging in to your Razer Gold account, where you can view your Razer Silver transactions or total account summary. If you don’t have a Razer Gold account, create one here and receive a sign-up bonus of 1000 Razer Silver!

  • Is there an expiration date to all Razer Silver earned from Play to Earn Mobile and/or other methods?

    Yes. There is a 12-month validity period from the date the Razer Silver is earned, so be sure to redeem rewards before then!

  • Will there be more featured mobile games added in future?

    Yes! Our list of featured games is always growing, and you can vote for the game you want at Razer Insider, where the top two titles will be added from a weekly list of our most popular picks.

Razer Cortex Mobile Play to Earn – Terms & Conditions
1. Play to Earn Mobile can only be played through Razer Cortex Games.
2. Earning Razer Silver via gameplay time and other campaigns on Cortex Games is currently available for all users worldwide.
3. Razer Silver "first login" reward campaign can only be earned once here upon verification, limited to 1000 Razer Silver per user.
4. In order to claim Razer Silver on Play to Earn, you must log in with an existing Razer ID on Razer Cortex Games. To create a new Razer ID, please visit https://razerid.razer.com.
5. Any unclaimed Razer Silver from the period earned will be automatically forfeited.
6. To earn Razer Silver from playing games supported by Play to Earn, you are required to launch the Razer Cortex Games application first on your Android device.
7. The supported Play to Earn game must be downloaded and/or launched from the home screen or library of Cortex Mobile to earn Razer Silver after gameplay time.
8. Razer Silver cannot be earned if the Razer Cortex Games application is not launched.
9. Awarding more Razer Silver per game activity and/or other Razer Cortex Games campaigns will be subjected to Razer’s sole decisions and changes.
10. Every Razer Silver awarded in Play to Earn and Razer Cortex Games will have 12 months validity period from date of earned/claimed.
11. Each Razer ID account can only hold a maximum of 1,500,000 Razer Silver. No further Silver can be earned or added into your wallet thereafter.
12. Razer Silver earned can be utilized to redeem for Razer products, discount vouchers, games, subscriptions and more here.
13. Upon redemption, Razer Silver rewards are given in the form of digital voucher codes, and are on a while stocks last, first-come-first-serve basis. No reservation of rewards is allowed.
14. Razer Silver cannot be exchanged for cash and are non-refundable once expired or deducted after a reward redemption has been conducted.
15. Recommendation of new Play to Earn games will be introduced weekly, subjected frequency changes.
16. Razer Cortex Games shall be the main organizer to all Razer Silver activities on the application. Should you have any enquiries, kindly reach out to Razer Support for more information.
17. Should you face any technical difficulties while playing Play to Earn games on Razer Cortex Games, kindly reach out to our Razer Support for assistance.
18. Razer ID, Razer Silver, other software and services may undergo scheduled maintenance regularly to conduct improvements and serve you better. During these periods, earning Razer Silver and/or redeeming rewards may be affected. Should this, or in the unlikely event of unforeseen services outage, Razer will be unable to provide you with any Silver in return.
19. Razer Cortex Games and Play to Earn reserve the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of Razer Silver campaigns either in an individual case or in general, at any time without notice.
20. Other terms and conditions apply.