Whether you’re a streamer or content creator, let your creativity flow with the Razer Stream Controller. Instantly access any function through its customizable touchscreen, buttons, and dials. Create shortcuts and multi-task with ease so you can focus on engaging the fans and growing your following.

Streamline Your Content

All-in-one Controller for Streaming and Content Creation

Go live, switch scenes, adjust audio, and more. Effortlessly manage your stream with shortcuts for multiple programs—organized through custom layouts and icons for intuitive use.


Total Control At Your Fingertips

12 Haptic Switchblade Keys

Get instant access to a dozen actions and shortcuts that can be performed with a quick tap of a touch key. Adjust their haptic feedback for the ideal level of tactile response.

Total Control At Your Fingertips

On-the-fly Audio Adjustments

6 Tactile Analog Dials

Conveniently control the levels of your audio, media, and other channels to create the perfect audio mix even while you’re streaming. Manage it all at-a-glance using the controller’s dynamic LCD touchscreen.

On-the-fly Audio Adjustments

Quick Access To Layouts And Actions

8 Programmable Buttons

Instantly bring up a different set of shortcuts as you switch between layouts, or simply use them as a faster way to perform commonly used actions.

Quick Access To Layouts And Actions

Designed For Efficient Multi-tasking

Intuitive Navigation and Organization

Group commands into dedicated layouts and cycle through them using a dynamic touchscreen with finger swipe control. Enable Dynamic Mode to automatically switch profiles based on the detected app.

Compatible With Leading Streaming Software

Plug-and-play Convenience

Get set up instantly with ready-made profiles for streaming, content creation, productivity, and more. Download plugins for essential tools such as Twitch, OBS Studio, Spotify, Razer Key Light Chroma Plugin, Voicemod—your options are endless.

Compatible With Leading Streaming Software

Create Your Space

Customizable Icons

Personalize the look of your controller with unique static and animated icons. Choose from over 80+ downloadable, easy-to-set-up icon packs or be inspired to create your own.

This is a carousel with panning animation. Use the Play and Pause button to start and stop the animation.
  • Stream Seamlessly

    Stream Seamlessly

    Easily control audio, video, chat, and more.

  • Work Smart

    Work Smart

    Instantly access essential apps and websites.

  • Edit Fast

    Edit Fast

    Optimize your creative process with shortcuts and actions.

  • Design Effortlessly

    Design Effortlessly

    Bring your vision to life by keeping your digital tools close.

Centralized Customization And Setup

Partnered With Loupedeck Software

Find all the tools you need on one convenient platform. Create custom actions and take it one step further with macros that perform a string of commands at the touch of a button. Explore the Loupedeck marketplace to download plugins, profiles, and icon packs that best suit your needs.

Centralized Customization And Setup