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Change starts with ourselves. As part of Razer’s Green Organization initiatives, we are focusing on making our offices a greener place, and on reducing our global carbon footprint

As we grow and evolve as a company, Razer will be looking to more deeply integrate our sustainability plans into our working culture and employee mindset. Hence, we begin with looking inwards and taking relevant steps that would encourage a green mentality within our offices, with the goal of building a culture of love and care for our planet and community.

Environmentally Friendly Offices and Staff

To reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission and preserve bio-habitats, Razer is committed to reduce and eradicate the use of single-use plastics across all our offices, and switch to 100% use of recycled and recyclables by the end of 2021.

This will be done through the procurement of reusable and eco-friendly office items to ensure that all of Razer’s office operations will be 100% carbon neutral.

Razer also aims to significantly reduce air travel for business purposes to further lower its carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy

Razer commits to transfer our entire operations to 100% renewable energy to power all our global offices by 2025.

At the moment, Razer’s European office in Hamburg, Germany and the new Southeast Asian HQ in Singapore are already fully powered by renewable energy.

Carbon Neutrality

Razer will work towards becoming a 100% carbon neutral organization by 2030.

In areas where reduce and renew is not possible, we will restore through investments in forestry and other environment-impact projects.


Restorify is a sustainability-meets-technology solution from Razer that enables the calculation of carbon footprint for mass consumer products and provides traceable carbon offsets for our gamers. In Razer, we adopt a “Reduction as top priority, Recycle whenever possible, Restore as the last resort” approach to limit the environmental footprint of our products. As responsible consumers, gamers can opt to offset their carbon footprint and mitigate the impact of their purchases on the environment.


Razer’s journey towards a sustainable future starts from within
We are committed to inculcate a greener mindset and work life within Razer, enabling Team Razer to kick-start their green journey and evolve into passionate advocates of environmental sustainability.

Empowering Employees

Razer is empowering employees to contribute to Razer’s green cause by granting additional give-back hours and paid time-off annually. This makes it easier for employees to volunteer with a conservationist group of their choice.

Employee Engagement

Razer will hold quarterly employee engagement and training programs to enable employees to commence their green adventure with Razer, and inculcate a green mindset and behavior.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Razer will hold quarterly CSR initiatives to contribute towards the global fight against climate change.

Razer has also established a global donation matching program to support employee donations to environmental causes.