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Razer Iskur X


If solid gaming performance stems from solid support, then make comfort your edge with the Razer Iskur X. It’s time to discover what essential support and comfort can bring to your game, with an ergonomic gaming chair designed for hardcore play.


From its unique contours and angled seat edges, to its fully adjustable recline, tilt, and height, the Razer Iskur X supports a healthy sitting posture so you can game or work for hours in comfort, on your ergonomic chair.


This ergonomic gaming chair is wrapped in a material that not only feels comfy, but is tougher and more durable than standard PU leather, making it better suited to withstand the peeling that comes from long hours of daily use.


For the perfect balance of support and comfort, the Razer Iskur X has plush, dense cushions which provide better contouring, allowing your weight to apply just enough pressure as they mold to support your unique body shape.


With a steel-reinforced body, armrests and wheelbase, this ergonomic gaming chair can support a weight of up to 299 lbs/136 kg, and is ideal for gamers with a height of 5’6”–6’2”/170–190 cm. It also features angled seat edges to maximize resting surface area.

Recommended Size

  • 5’6” – 6’2”(170 – 190cm)
  • < 299lbs(< 136kg)
Razer Iskur X - Measurements


a Wheel Base Diameter b Seat Width (including sides) c Seat Pan Width (front)
if front width is different with the back seat width
d Seat Pan Width (back) e Backrest Width (lumbar) f Armrest-to-Armrest Distance (Inter-Armrest Distance) g Backrest Width h Armrest Side-way Adjustment i Floor-to-Seat Height j Seat-to-Armrest Height k Backrest Height l Armrest Height Adjustment Stroke m Seat Depth n Seat Depth (Overall Depth)


The Razer Iskur X’s armrests can be adjusted by height and rotated inwards or outwards, so your arms will always be in a natural, relaxed position when gaming.

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  • What type of warranty comes with the Razer Iskur X?

    The Razer Iskur X comes with a 3-year warranty that covers defective parts and components. This does not include standard wear and tear.

  • Is the Razer Iskur X compatible with my height?

    The Razer Iskur X supports a height of 5’6” to 6’2” (170-190cm) and a weight of up to 299lbs/136kg.

  • Does the Razer Iskur X come with any head and lumbar cushions?

    The Razer Iskur X supports the use of any head and lumbar cushions of your preference so it does not include any default ones.