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Every new Razer product comes with hardware repair coverage via its limited warranty. RazerCare protection plans extend that coverage, so you can enjoy your Razer gear without worry.

RazerCare protection plans may be purchased concurrently with your product through


Benefits include:

claim support
Free two-way
shipping for repairs
Repairs by
Free transfer of plan
to new owner
RazerCare Coverage Options
Both RazerCare protection plans extend your coverage upon expiration of the Razer Limited Warranty.

Automatic registration
24-hour RazerCare claim support
Mechanical and electrical failures
Surge protection (from day 1)

RazerCare Coverage for Razer Products

RazerCare for Laptops
Extends coverage to 3 years, for new and refurbished Laptops

Additional Benefits
• $0 deductible
• Surge protection included from day 1

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RazerCare Essential for eGPUs
Extends coverage to 3 years, for new and refurbished eGPUs

Additional Benefits
• $0 deductible
• Surge protection included from day 1 (excludes customer supplied graphics card)

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RazerCare Elite for Selected Peripherals
Extends coverage to 3 years, for new Mice, Keyboards, Audio & Controllers

Additional Benefits
• $0 deductible
• Replacement with new unit
• Surge protection and accidental damage coverage included with RazerCare Elite

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. What items are eligible for RazerCare protection plans?
    1. All new and refurbished Razer Laptops, eGPU’s, and new Headsets, Keyboards, Mice and Controllers purchased from
  2. When does the RazerCare protection plan begin?
    1. Power Surge Protection begins day one and the remaining coverage takes effect once the manufacturer’s limited warranty has expired.
  3. How long does RazerCare extend my coverage?
    1. Laptop and eGPU coverage is extended by 2 years for a total of 3 years protection.
  4. Once I purchase a RazerCare protection plan, do I need to register my product or do anything else?
    1. You’re all set at the time of purchase! Registration is automatic. Protection Plan terms and conditions will be e-mailed to you shortly after your product has been delivered.
  5. Is my RazerCare protection plan transferable to a new owner if I sell or gift my product?
    1. Yes, simply contact the RazerCare Protection Team at 1-877-773-1941 and they will walk you through the transfer process.
  6. Am I still covered if I lose my receipt showing I purchased a RazerCare protection plan?
    1. Yes, simply contact The RazerCare Protection Team at 1-877-773-1941 and provide the name and phone number you purchased the product under and they will be able to locate your proof of purchase.
  7. Is there a limit to the number of claims I can make with RazerCare protection plans?
    1. No, we will cover claims up to the purchase value of the device. For example, if you have a laptop with a purchase value of $1,999.99, and the repair costs are $249.99, then you will have $1,750.00 remaining for potential future claims.