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Ornata V3



來瞧瞧 Razer Ornata V3 矮軸人體工學遊戲鍵盤,搭載 Razer Chroma™ RGB 功能。這款混合式鍵盤結合了兩全其美的特質,具備全新的超薄外型規格、更耐用的鍵帽,以及獨特的機械式薄膜按鍵軸,讓你大幅提升工作和遊戲的效率。

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Text appears: RAZER ORNATA V3
We open on a top view of a black keyboard resting amongst an all-black gaming setup.
Text appears: 輕薄、優異觸感、人體工學。
As the text appears, the RAZER ORNATA V3 suddenly comes to life as colorful Razer Chroma RGB lighting floods the entire keyboard.
The camera zooms into the keyboard and enters a psychedelic wormhole, before popping out into colorful, futuristic dimension.
Now in its natural gaming habitat, the keyboard rotates to show off its slim side profile.
Text appears: Low-Profile Keys. Ergonomic Gaming Experience.
The camera zooms in closer as its measurements are displayed.
A line slides up from the keyboard’s base to the keycaps.
Text appears: 27.05mm
The line shortens to measure the keycaps.
Text appears: 4.40mm
The camera floats from the side of the keyboard across its keys, as they actuate furiously with a satisfying clicky sound.
One of the keys dissembles into an exploded view, as we see the internals of the switch.
Text appears: Razer Mecha-Membrane Switches. Clicky Keystrokes with a Soft, Cushioned Touch.
The camera zooms to the base of the switch, as it actuates once again to highlight the tactile, clicky feedback.
The camera pulls out slightly as the keycap and switch reassemble, before a purple layer of protective energy forms around the keycap.
Text appears: UV-Coated Keycaps. Improved Fade and Scratch Resistance.
The camera follows the purple energy as it travels across the rest of the keycaps, coming to rest on 4 media keys on the top right of the keyboard—designed for 方便控制 of your entertainment.
Text appears: 背光專用媒體鍵
The camera soars across the keyboard to show off its bright, multi-colored Razer Chroma RGB lighting.
We pull out to a wider view of the keyboard floating in its colorful, futuristic dimension, as it sends out shockwaves of RGB that cause the environment to glow even brighter.
The camera rotates to a head-on shot of the keyboard in all its RGB glory.
Text appears: Powered by Razer Chroma RGB
In a series of quick cuts, the keyboard’s lighting shifts from green, to blue, to purple—causing its environment to change color accordingly.
The camera zooms in to the keyboard’s wrist rest, as an invisible pressure highlights its soft texture and feel.
Text appears: 磁吸式柔軟觸感護腕墊
As the wrist rest snaps back into place on the keyboard, the camera pulls out into a psychedelic wormhole and takes us back to a real-world gaming setup, where the keyboard’s RGB lighting continues to glow.
Text appears: 輕薄、優異觸感、人體工學。
Text appears: RAZER ORNATA V3
Razer logo appears.
Razer Chroma RGB logo appears.




Ornata V3 - Low Profile Keys

RAZER 機械式薄膜按鍵軸



Ornata V3 - Razer Mecha Membrane Switches

UV 鍍膜鍵帽


UV 鍍膜比一般鍵帽更為耐用,能更進一步避免圖樣褪色,並提供更優質的保護,能夠應付頻繁使用的磨損和拉扯。

Ornata V3 - UV Coated Keycaps




Ornata V3 - Bbacklit Dedicated Media Keys




Ornata V3 - 磁吸式柔軟觸感護腕墊



擁有 1,680 萬種顏色和一系列 RGB 燈光效果可供選擇,讓你打造獨具個人風格的鍵盤,並在玩數百種整合 Chroma 功能的遊戲時享受動態的燈光效果。

Ornata V3 - 10 Razer Chroma RGB Lighting Zones


你擁有高達2年免費保固,並可獲取可靠的技術支援。 直接在 RazerStore 購買,可獲得 14 天的免費退貨期。


  • 什麼是 Razer 機械式薄膜按鍵軸?


  • Razer Ornata V3 是否隨附護腕墊?

    是的,Razer Ornata V3 隨附磁吸式柔軟觸感護腕墊,能為你的手腕提供長時間使用所需的舒適感與支撐。

  • Razer Ornata V3 提供哪些 Razer Chroma™ RGB 燈光效果?

    Razer Ornata V3 提供 4 種燈光效果:呼吸效果、光譜循環、定色光效果和波浪效果。