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Discover a hand curated list of popular mobile games, be able to launch them quickly and optimize settings across all your game titles. Get ready to turbocharge the way you play—all in the palm of your hand.


Claim Razer Silver daily just for logging in to Razer Cortex Games, and earn even more by playing the Paid to Play games on the Featured page. Then cash in your Razer Silver for sweet rewards.
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Cortex helps you organize the games already installed on your phone, for quick easy access to your games. Cortex also recommends hot new game titles that we know gamers will love.
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Discover weekly hidden gems from triple A titles to hot indies, and score Razer Silver by launching Paid to Play games with our valued gaming partners.
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  1. What is Razer Cortex Games?

    Razer Cortex Games is a one-stop Android app launcher, designed to enhance your mobile gaming experience and productivity, exclusively for our Razer fans.

  2. What does the application offer?

    • Curated mobile game recommendations on the Feature page
    • Optimize game performance on Razer phones with Game Booster
    • Efficient library display and easy launching of installed gaming apps
    • Log in with Razer ID to earn Razer Silver when you play Paid To Play games
    • More ways to earn Razer Silver will be introduced soon. Stay tuned.

  3. Which smartphones support Cortex Games ?

    The application is available for download on most Android devices, specifically Android OS 7.1 and higher. Game Booster is exclusively available in Razer Phone 1 and 2 only. Search your Google Play Store to find out if Razer Cortex is available for download.

  4. Which Countries will Cortex Mobile be available in?

    The application is available for download in: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Spain and Finland.

  5. How does the Library work?

    The library in the application will search and show all your installed games. Three most recently played games will be displayed at the top for your convenience. Add or remove games with ease using the Manage Games function.

  6. What is Game Booster?

    Game Booster is an exclusive feature in the Cortex application for Razer phones that allows you to customize games or phone performance profiles. You can customize the CPU, screen refresh rate and anti-aliasing values for each game. Game Booster will assist to maximize your game’s performance on your Android device.

  7. Does Game Booster work on non-Razer phones?

    Unfortunately no, this feature is currently supported in Razer phones only.

  8. What will be shown in Featured?

    Discover a suite of recommendable game titles that we will introduce weekly to download and play. Supported Paid To Play games will be featured as well.

  9. What do games under in the 120Hz games category offer?

    These are games that offer 120Hz UltraMotion refresh rate enabled games. Razer phone users will enjoy customizing either the game (in Game Booster) or the phone settings to support 120Hz feature.

  10. What is Paid To Play?

    It is a software program created by Razer to reward gamers for launching and playing games via the Cortex application on mobile. Each supported Paid to Play game under Featured will display a Razer Silver logo. Find out more here

  11. What is a Razer Silver?

    Razer Silver is the loyalty rewards credits backed by Razer. Rack up Silver when you engage in Razer software and services such as Paid to Play. Accumulate to redeem Razer peripherals, games and vouchers. Find out more here

  12. How do I see my Razer ID profile and other information?

    Tap on the avatar at the upper left corner to view the profile menu.

  13. How do I create a Razer ID?

    Tap the top right icon in the application to create a Razer ID. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful creation of your account. Create a Razer Gold account to earn bonus Razer Silver and track your Silver balances.

  14. Can I sign in with my social network accounts?

    Of course! Facebook, G+, and Twitters IDs are supported. We’ll be pleased if you’d invite your friends to download Cortex Mobile and try out the features.

  15. Can Razer Cortex Games be used offline?

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to play Paid to Play games and earn Razer Silver offline. However, you’d still be able to view your games library and use Game Booster. We’d highly recommend you have internet access to enjoy the full features of Cortex Mobile.

  16. What languages are supported by Razer Cortex Games?

    1. French – EU
    2. Spanish – EU
    3. Chinese (Traditional) – Taiwan
    4. Chinese (Simplified) – China
    5. German – Germany
    6. Danish
    7. Swedish
    8. Italian
    9. UK English -where different from US English
    10. Polish
    11. Portuguese – EU
    12. Dutch
    13. Russian
    14. Greek
    15. Hebrew
    16. Turkish
    17. Arabic
    18. Norwegian
    19. Finnish
    20. Thai
    21. Korean
    22. AUS - English when different from UK English
    23. Malaysian
    24. Indonesian

  17. What happens if the Cortex Mobile application crashes?

    If the application were to crash, you may relaunch the app to check your game booster or supposedly earned Razer Silver from Paid to Play. Please contact our customer support if you face any technical issues.

  18. What data does Razer collect and does it share that data with any gaming partners?

    You will be prompted for consent on the use of data upon creation of Razer ID and subscribing to our marketing updates. Razer collects data provided on signing up with a Razer ID account as well as software usage and gaming activities tracked through Razer Cortex Games. Personal details are not shared with 3rd parties unless explicit consent is obtained from the user. Credit card information is strictly not stored by Razer.

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