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Mobile Cases

Enhance your phone in more ways than one—from durable phone covers with stunning custom designs to protective phone cases that optimize device performance.


Protect your phone while maximizing its performance with our 3rd-gen vented iPhone 13 case designed for efficient heat dissipation.



Razer Arctech Pro

Get the best-case scenario for performance and protection with our 3rd-gen vented iPhone 13 case featuring Thermephene™ cooling technology.


Explore our collection of protective phone cases for the iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S21 and Note20.


Stay protected while displaying your style with custom phone cases designed for dozens of models, such as the iPhone 12 and more.

Razer Mobile Phone Cases: More Than Just Protection

While our mobile phone cases serve their main purpose of protecting your device from daily wear and tear, they are also catered to meet the finer needs of modern gamers. Whether you’re looking for an iPhone 13 case to enhance your mobile gaming, or an iPhone 12 case that matches your style, we’ve got you covered.

Razer Arctech: Lose the Heat, Win the Game

For those after a greater device performance, our latest 3rd-gen Razer Arctech iPhone 13 cases feature a vented design and Thermephene™ cooling technology, ensuring better heat management and smoother gameplay on your phone. With a grippy, soft-touch finish that feels great to hold and 12 ft drop protection for greater peace of mind, it is the ultimate iPhone 13 case for gamers.

Aside from iPhone 12 and 13 cases, the Razer Arctech range also features Samsung Galaxy phone cases for the S21, Note20, and more.

Razer Customs: Make it Your Own

Designed to be an extension of your style, our Razer Customs iPhone 12 cases and Samsung Galaxy phone cases are made to order and come in a variety of stunning, officially licensed designs—inspired by the biggest AAA games, the hottest brands in pop culture, and the most exciting artists.