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Razer Project McFly



Your constant support and our common love for gaming are what drive us at Razer to push the envelope harder and further. And the only way to show our appreciation is to deliver - and today, we have lift-off.
Join us in welcoming a new category of gaming mice. Elevate Your Game with Project McFly, the World’s First Hovermouse.


First, we reduced drag with our super-polished, hyper-slick mouse feet. Then, we broke the chains that bind you with 1ms low-latency wireless technology. Where we’re going next we won’t need surfaces.

We’ve implemented electromagnetic repulsion through revolutionary RazerWave™ hover drivers. Stable, adjustable and smooth - say goodbye to friction and hello to a new dimension of gameplay with the new z-axis. Complete freedom of control means your only limitation is your skill.


Full immersion comes from realistic controls. Feel the game with Project McFly’s Magnetic True Motion Engine. Utilizing a fusion of accurate magnetized positional tracking and dynamic force feedback, you can control 3D objects in game with your mouse. Feel the world push back with precise resistance that emulates real-life physical sensations when you hit an object. The lines between virtual and reality have just been blurred …again.


Current hover technology is based on the electromagnetic repulsion of two surfaces, limiting its movement. Our leet scientists and engineers have teamed up with the brilliant minds at Hendo Hoverboards to amplify the Earth’s magnetic force, creating collisionless magnetohydrodynamics.

Project McFly is equipped with 3 of our very own RazerWave™ hover drivers which combine water vapor in the air with parametric excitation of torsional omega frequency Alfven waves to achieve levitation.


What is lift off range when your mouse doesn’t touch the ground?

Our 6400 dpi optical sensor calibrates the mouse to the desired, constant height. When we say constant, we mean it. Project McFly ignores any changes in surface height, from the table, to the floor. Frag across, above and beyond the confines of your mousepad. With Project McFly, the world is your surface.