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As part of our #GoGreenWithRazer initiative, we’re diving into the deep blue with Panerai to make every second count when it comes to ocean conservation.


This exclusive collaboration proudly presents the Luminor Quaranta Razer Special Edition—a timepiece that merges luxury horology with the iconic aesthetic of Razer.

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Jointly partnered with Conservation International Asia-Pacific, both Razer and Panerai are proud to support the vital marine species research they do—an ongoing endeavor with a vision towards manta ray conservation.

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The logos of Razer, Panerai, and Conservation International (Asia-Pacific) appear against a black background.
Text appears: Partner for manta ray conservation.
The black background transitions to an underwater shot in a deep blue ocean.
Text appears: Support for MARINE SPECIES RESEARCH is vital to understand animal habits and their ecosystems
Text appears: essential to the economy and food security of local communities.
Text appears: Why tag mantas?
We cut to an aerial shot as a majestic manta ray swims just beneath the ocean surface, followed by two adventurous snorkelers.
Text appears: Satellite technology reveals details of manta ray life,
We cut to an underwater shot of a manta ray swimming acrobatically.
Text appears: like breeding, feeding, and where they go.
The camera cuts to a closeup of the manta ray’s mouse and face as it swims out of view.
Text appears: This information is key to their conservation and helps establish policies that protect them and benefit the coastal communities.
The camera cuts to a manta ray swimming amongst a school of fish.
Text appears: Do you want to be part of the solution? Make time for our ocean.
The three logos of Razer, Panerai, and Conservation International (Asia-Pacific) fade in.


Focusing on satellite tagging of manta rays, the project explores the movements and behavior of these endangered and threatened gentle, intelligent giants of the ocean.

Spearheaded by Conservation International’s world-renowned coral reef ecologist and marine conservationist Dr. Mark Erdmann, the marine species research project gathers data—including temperature, depth, and location—which, when paired with known hazards and other information, can be used to inform conservation management of the animals and their habitats.

This is essential to encourage legal protection measures, which include the establishment, upholding, and implementation of marine protected areas (MPAs). The presence of these species also provides alternative livelihoods through tourism and recreational diving, creating more reasons to protect the area.

In support of this project, we encourage you to take a dive into the deep blue and make time for our ocean with us.

©️ Conservation International/Mark V Erdmann



In 2022, Conservation International has tagged 10 oceanic mantas for observation and we will continue to monitor their journeys around the Pacific.


One of the tagged manta rays revealed astonishing insights—a significant migration distance of over 3000km in 3 months and 3 deep dives below 800m, including her deepest dive to 1264m.


With the help of photo identification, drones, satellite, and acoustic tracking, Conservation International and other scientists have potentially identified a previously unknown manta nursery in Australia—a tremendous discovery for the future of manta conservation in the region.

Plastic Hunt


Uh oh, it looks like Sneki Snek’s good friend is having trouble getting rid of all the pesky plastic floating in the ocean. Lend a hand and see how much trash you can remove—but be careful not to hit Manti Manta!


With both brands’ commitment to sustainability, recycled materials are a critical component of the Luminor Quaranta Razer Special Edition watch. The Luminor Quaranta Razer Special Edition has blazed a trail into the legendary Luminor collection—a highly-celebrated pillar within the Panerai family of time-honored, adventure-ready watches.

Limited to 500 pieces worldwide. Available exclusively through Panerai boutiques and

Download Video Transcript /

Against a black background, the Panerai logo appears.
The camera zooms into the logo, as visuals start to appear within it.
Text appears: Presents
The camera enters a dim environment cast in an electric green light, as we see a matte black Panerai
Luminor Quaranta watch assembling in thin air.
On one of the pieces near the crown, we notice the Razer wordmark etched into its design.
Text appears: A New Luminor 40mm...
The camera cuts to a front angle of the watch, as we see its dark gray watch face—etched with Razer’s iconic Triple-Headed Snake logo—slide into its casing.
An electric green neon tube flashes across the camera as the watch rotates to reveal its caseback, similarly etched with the Razer wordmark and logo.
Text appears: ...made of recycled steel coated black DLC
As the watch continues rotating, a backdrop of floating electric green neon tubes slides into view—the watch’s dark design standing out against the bright environment.
Suddenly, the environment goes black as the watch tumbles into the abyss.
In the darkness, the watch hands, hour markers, and sub dial glow brightly in electric green, revealing their luminous nature.
Text appears: Super-LumiNova
The environment brightens as the camera focuses on the watch straps, which start to magically weave into existence.
Text appears: Recycled strap
A black watch strap forms, lined with a trimming of electric green stitching.
Text appears: A partnership with Razer as part of our environment-friendly initiatives...
With the watch completing its form, the camera zooms out to showcase the design in all its glory.
Text appears: to protect the ocean
Text appears: an edition of 500 pieces
The video cuts to black as the Razer and Panerai logos appear, followed by the logo of Conservation
International—the partnered environmental organization.
The Panerai logo appears once again, as the brand tagline glitches in: Laboratorio di Idee


Outfitted with a 40mm case forged with eSteel™—a cutting-edge recycled-based material that exhibits the same rigorous properties as its traditional counterpart—the watch bears a striking diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating and the iconic Razer triple-headed snake (THS) on the dial.

Featuring two interchangeable straps, showcase your support for sustainability with the recycled PET strap or swap it out for a black rubber strap to switch up your style.

The timepiece will be delivered in packaging composed of 72% recycled material and made of FSC certified paper.


Inspired by Razer’s iconic aesthetic, the sandwich hand features Super-LumiNova® that illuminates green to resonate with the electric green on the small seconds hand and strap stitching of the timepiece. The watch also proudly displays the unmistakable Razer wordmark on the crown-protection bridge and the iconic Razer THS emblazoned on the caseback.



People need nature – and for over 30 years, Conservation International has worked to protect it. Through cutting-edge science, innovative policy, and global reach, they empower people to protect the nature that we all rely on for food, fresh water, and livelihoods. In the Asia-Pacific, Conservation International has been implementing conservation programs for over 20 years.

The oceans are the origin and engine of all life on this planet – and they are in extreme peril. Unprecedented sea-level rise and dangerously warming waters caused by climate change are among a list of grim impacts predicted by a recent United Nations report. Immediate and transformative action is needed to prevent the UN’s stark warning from becoming a reality. We need to protect at least 30 percent of the world’s ocean for it to continue to provide food, climate stability, and healthy ecosystems.

Conservation International Asia-Pacific has extensive experience in ocean conservation, working with businesses, governments, and communities to protect the ocean in the region. Using innovative tools, technologies, and approaches to prioritize marine protected areas, fisheries management, and equipping coastal communities with the tools needed to mitigate climate change, Conservation International Asia-Pacific has worked to protect 3.5 million km2 of ocean and their marine scientists have discovered over 1,000 new vertebrate species.