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Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 讓你以全新風格掌握勝利。由頂級電競職業選手協助調整與打造,滑鼠標誌性的人體工學外型設計現在比上一代產品更輕 25% 以上,並搭載一系列先進技術,推動電競遊戲的極限。


This is a carousel with panning animation. Use the Play and Pause button to start and stop the animation.
  • "the deathadder v3 pro has a great new shape and performs perfectly." - faker | t1 | 4x league of legends world champion
  • "a mouse truly ahead of its competitors." - stax | drx vision strikers | 2022 korea stage 1 & 2 challengers winner
  • "i can’t believe how well this shape fits me" - dexter | mouz
  • "it feels like a true extension of my arm" - kaiser | mad lions | champion of both lec 2021 spring and summer
  • "never had a lightweight and large mouse that performs so well" - swag | copenhagen flames
  • "everything i need to step up my game. i love this mouse." - mako | drx vision strikers | 2022 korea stage 1 & 2 challengers winner
  • "a sick grip and design. razer has stepped up their game." - zest | drx vision strikers | 2022 korea stage 1 & 2 challengers winner
  • "the deathadder v3 pro fits my grip, and glides smoothly." - steel | t1 - prodigy




Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 的重量經過極致的最佳化,是史上最輕巧的人體工學電競滑鼠之一,同時還能提供更優秀的使用體驗。

  • 輕巧、絕不拖泥帶水的中大型滑鼠。

  • 分割按鍵蓋帶來更清脆的按鍵觸感。



透過與頂級電競職業選手合作,Razer DeathAdder 的標誌性造型得以進一步改善,延續屢獲殊榮的握感和舒適度。

  • 重新調整按鍵與滾輪位置


  • 提高弧度


  • 增加無名指支撐


可升級至真正 8K Hz 無線輪詢率

Razer HyperPolling 無線傳輸器讓你體驗前所未見的高速無線效能。我們最先進的滑鼠經過終極升級,解鎖全新反應標準,讓你在頂級競技遊戲中獲得所需速度。

*HyperPolling Wireless Dongle 需另外購買

了解更多        立即購買

可升級至真正 4000 Hz 無線輪詢率
Download Video Transcript /

Text appears: Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro
We open on a white mouse resting atop a green glowing pedestal made by ancient alien technology.
The screen glitches as the mouse now rests atop a high-tech weighing scale in a white futuristic lab.
Text appears: 專為專業玩家打造
The camera cuts to a closeup of the mouse, as we see strings of white pixels burst out from its base and off the weighing scale.
A closeup top-down of the weighing scale’s display shows the 重量 of the mouse rapidly dropping from 78g to 64g.
Text appears: Ultra-lightweight design. 64g.
The camera zooms out as the mouse completes its 重量 optimization process.
Text appears: Over 25% lighter than Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro
We cut to another section of the lab where countless mouse prototypes are on display.
Text appears: Iconic ergonomics
A greenish-blue light turns on as all the prototypes become holographic, save for one in the center.
Text appears: Developed with pros
The holographic prototypes merge with the central model, causing its shape to morph.
From the side, the mouse’s left side thumb buttons are raised slightly.
From the front, the mouse’s top arch shifts to a more natural angle for 右手 users.
From the top, the mouse’s front flared design tapers into a more streamline shape.
The shot cuts wider as the mouse completes its ergonomic refinement process.
Text appears: Unrivalled handling and comfort
Green heatmaps appear on the mouse to indicate optimized points of contact, as a robotic hand reaches out to hold it.
The camera swivels to a low angle shot as the robotic hand performs a mouse click.
The lab suddenly turns dark as grids of red laser beams fan across the environment.
The mouse disassembles into an exploded view, revealing its internals to highlight the cutting-edge sensor.
Text appears: Razer Focus Pro 30K 光學感測器
The shot zooms in to the sensor, as info overlays appear.
Text appears: World’s Most Precise Optical Sensor, Max acceleration 70G, Max Speed 750 IPS, 30,000
DPI, 99.8% Resolution Accuracy
A grid of red lasers fan across the camera, as the mouse is transported from the lab to a futuristic esports arena.
The mouse clicks and transitions to a shot of its optical switch actuating, causing nearby panes of glass to shatter and the arena to lose power.
Text appears: Razer Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3, 無 Unintended Double-Clicks
A green glow fills the arena as a portal is opened.
The mouse blitzes through the portal, moving at such speed that it transforms into a green bolt of energy.
Text appears: Razer HyperSpeed Wireless, 25% Faster Than Other Wireless Gaming Mice
As it surges across an otherworldy cosmic dimension, we cut back to the arena where the mouse’s wireless dongle powers up and emits a concentrated beam of green energy.
Text appears: Upgradeable to True 4000Hz Wireless Polling Rate, Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle sold separately
Boosted by the green beam, the mouse exits the dimension and materializes back into the arena—its sheer speed destroying the portal in the process.
The mouse floats high above the arena, pulling all electrical power from the environment into itself, causing the arena to go dark once again.
It expels the energy in a brilliant flash.
Text appears: Up to 90 Hours of Uninterrupted Gameplay, USB Type C Rechargeable
We cut to an esports gaming setup as a pair of Razer DeathAdder V3 Pros—one in white and one in black—float down to rest upon the desk.
Text appears: For the Pro, All Information Accurate as at Aug 2022
Text appears: Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro
Razer logo appears.

Razer Focus Pro 30K 光學感測器






啟用非對稱中斷,可根據你的遊戲風格,利用 26 個細緻的高度調整等級,分別設定抬升和放下距離,而之前的版本僅有 3 種高度可調整。


Razer™ Focus Pro 光學感測器搭載智慧追蹤功能,可在任何表面上維持一致的抬升距離,實現更佳的控制力與準確度。


透過動作同步,Razer™ Focus Pro 光學感測器會將訊號與電腦擷取資訊的時間間隔同步,便可獲得滑鼠位置的最新更新資訊,進而擁有更一致的追蹤能力。


  • 改善操作表面相容性

  • 完美流暢的玻璃追蹤*


    *厚度至少 4 公釐

  • 電源效率更高


  • 第 3 代 RAZER 光學滑鼠按鍵軸

    具備 9,000 萬次點擊使用壽命,且能擺脫雙擊誤觸問題。


  • 長達 90 小時的電池續航力

    USB Type C 充電設計,為超長遊戲時間提供動力。

  • Razer HyperSpeed Wireless




  • 滑鼠上的 DPI 控制項

    滑鼠上的 DPI 控制項

    不需透過軟體,即可切換 5 個 DPI 階段。擁有這款攜帶極為便利的超輕量電競滑鼠,你就隨時準備好躋身戰場。

  • 內建記憶體


    滑鼠能儲存並使用最後一次使用的 Razer Synapse 設定檔,包括下列所有校準設定:

    • - DPI
    • - 輪詢率
    • - 抬升距離



    為滑鼠提供一套額外自訂按鍵綁定和 DPI 分段,可有效地加倍按鍵輸入指令數量。

Underside DPI button
30 天零風險試用


We’ve Got You Covered


你擁有高達2年免費保固,並可獲取可靠的技術支援。 直接在 RazerStore 購買,可獲得 30 天的免費退貨期。


LEE 'FAKER' SANG-HYEOK | 4-Time League of Legends World Champion


探索在讓你 #WinItYourWay 的硬體背後,我們蘊藏著什麼樣的動機。


  • Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 有內建記憶體嗎?

    有,Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 具備 1 個內建設定檔,可儲存你最後一次使用的 Razer Synapse 設定檔,包括自訂 DPI 設定和按鍵配置等。

  • Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 的輪詢率為何?

    Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 的預設輪詢率為 1000 Hz。但你可透過 Razer HyperPolling 無線傳輸器升級至真正 8000 Hz 無線輪詢率,在此單獨購買。

  • 我要如何為 Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 重新配置按鍵和自訂設定?

    若要設定按鍵對應、巨集和其他更多功能,你必須先下載並安裝 Razer Synapse 3。

  • Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 的外型設計為何?

    Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 採用右手專用人體工學設計。

  • Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 底部的按鍵用途為何?

    你可以使用該按鈕切換電源(長按 3 秒即可開啟 / 關閉)與 DPI(按住後放開)。原廠的 DPI 設定為 400、800、1600(預設)、3200 與 6400。

  • Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 有傾斜點擊滾輪嗎?

    沒有,Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 並未搭載傾斜點擊滾輪。

  • 此產品有 Razer HyperSpeed Wireless 多裝置支援嗎?


  • Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro 雷蛇炼狱蝰蛇 V3 专业版是否支持 HyperPolling 无线技术?

    是,你可以購買 Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle,達到真正的 8000 Hz 無線輪循率。為了發揮最佳效能,請確認滑鼠使用的韌體是最新版本,並請查閱我們提供的最佳使用秘訣