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At Razer, we are known to always give 100% when designing new iconic products – for our fans, and for the environment

As one of the world’s leading brands for gaming products and services, hardware products form the majority of Razer’s business around the world. Hence, a major step towards a greener society involves our products.

We are acutely aware of the impact that manufacturing and production has on the environment. Therefore, it is imperative to observe how each part of our product design and manufacturing impacts the environment, in order to engage the necessary actions to encourage environmentally sound industrial processes, and responsible consumption and production for the environment amongst our fans, users and partners.

Razer is committed and focused on making sure that every step we take will lead to a sustainable and long-term solution to protect and conserve the world we all live in.

With fans all around the world, Razer is in a great position to encourage change in perceptions. Thus, we hope that through practice, we can motivate gamers to be mindful of our actions for the betterment of the environment.

Product Recycling

By 2025, Razer will enable consumer disposal and recycling of Razer products through collaboration with global distributors,
retailers and e-tailers.

Razer also encourages customers to return their old Razer products to our RazerStore Locations for free-of-charge recycling.

Responsible Design

Razer will pledge to use recycled or recyclable materials for all our products by 2030. This includes incorporating PCR plastic in our hardware and adhering to an eco-friendly product design.

Razer also commits to sharing and communicating the carbon impact of our products by 2022. We encourage our fans to take part in our journey to sustainability.

Responsible Manufacturing

Razer remains committed to ensure that all our contract manufacturers and partners adhere to the best industry standards and practices, as validated through established certification bodies.

Razer also commits to support responsible manufacturing by processing only conflict-free minerals and other raw materials.