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Ensuring sustainable products is not an easy feat. However, Razer remains dedicated to our cause, no matter the challenge. Razer commits that 100% of our products will use recycled or recyclable materials by 2030.

Additionally, Razer has assembled a special task-force to assess the environmental impacts of our product designs and further improve our design processes without compromising the quality and performance. Aspects would include Packaging, Product Design and Consumer Labels.

Sustainable, FSC Certified Packaging

All new products introduced will use FSC-certified, biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging.

Razer is replacing all EPE foam in cartons with corrugated recyclable paperboard, and increasing the use of plain textured cardboard boxes with a minimalist design. Razer is also using soy ink printing on all packaging.

Razer will utilize greener materials for in-box accessories as well, without compromising the unboxing experience.

Use of PCR Plastics

To improve the environmental friendliness of our products, Razer will use Post Consumer Resins (PCR) Plastics across all product categories.

Reprocessing existing plastics uses less energy and fossil fuels. Overall, the environment is saved from excess pollution and wasted resources while still producing viable, durable plastic material.

Product Design Efficiency

Razer will implement a Design-for-Sustainability Program incorporating environmental targets into the design & manufacturing process from raw material sourcing to end-of-life stages.

Razer will also implement efficient packaging design to establish Space Efficiency, with the aim of reducing wasted space in packaging material, shipping volume and reduce environmental impact.

Extend Product Longevity

Razer will extend product longevity by simplifying construction and assembly, and by using materials that are built to last.

Razer will also use environmentally-friendly color, materials and finish of products.

Razer will aim to avoid unnecessary e-waste from unserviceable/broken products under warranty and out of warranty.

Consumer Transparency with Carbon Consumer Labels

Razer will provide transparency of our product footprints through industry-leading environmental impact disclosure and intuitive illustrative labeling by 2022.

Through the use of informative consumer labels, we will encourage our fans to be a part of our sustainability journey.