Discover the science behind each of the Razer technology that are equipped in the latest Razer products designed for an unfair gaming advantage.

Razer™ HyperClear Cardioid Mic

An improved pickup pattern ensures more voice and less noise as it tapers off towards the mic’s back and sides, with the sweet spot easily placed at your mouth because of the mic’s bendable design.

Razer™ TriForce 50mm Drivers

Our new, cutting-edge proprietary design divides the driver into 3 parts for the individual tuning of highs, mids, and lows—producing brighter, clearer audio with richer highs and more powerful lows.

Razer 5G Optical Sensor

Engineered with up to 18,000 DPI sensitivity and a 99.4% resolution accuracy—the incremental advantage you need to edge out the competition.

Razer™ Focus+ 26K Optical Sensor

26,000 DPI sensor with 99.6% resolution accuracy ensures that even the finest movement of your mouse is tracked, giving you an acute level of precision for game-winning headshots and highly elusive maneuvers.

Razer™ Optical Mouse Switch

Find out why our Razer™ Optical Mouse Switch is a stark upgrade from the traditional mechanical mouse switches used in gaming, with instant actuation and unparalleled durability to deliver a competitive edge.

Razer HyperSense

Feel every impact in your game. The Razer Nari Ultimate features Razer HyperSense that picks up on audio cues and uses vibrations to add tactile feedback, allowing you to truly feel the action. Whether it's a plane flying overhead or blasts from an explosion, your gaming experience now comes with a whole new layer of immersion.

Razer™ HyperSpeed Wireless Technology

Made to perform better than any wireless technology, its low latency delivers high-speed transmission to register swipes and clicks instantaneously. It’s also highly adaptive, able to switch seamlessly between frequencies to maintain peak stability, allowing you the freedom to compete at your best.

Razer™ Mechanical Switches

Hear and feel the satisfying feedback in every keystroke you make with actuation that’s optimized for gaming—supported by classic, full-height keys that don’t compromise on the typing experience.

Razer™ Optical Switches

Offers faster, lighter, and smoother actuations than mechanical switches, and lasts longer as it requires fewer moving parts that operate with less friction. Comes in two variants—Linear and Clicky.

Razer™ 아날로그 옵티컬 스위치

조절 가능한 액츄에이터, 360도 모션 입력, 한 번의 키누름으로 두 가지 기능을 수행할 수 있는 능력으로 심도 있는 컨트롤이 가능합니다.

Razer Chroma™ RGB

Experience full RGB customization and deeper immersion with the world’s largest lighting ecosystem that supports hundreds of games and thousands of devices.