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Razer Universal Grip Tape


Seize victory and never let go with the Razer Universal Grip Tape. Improve your PC, console, and mobile gaming as you apply our gaming grip tape to buttons, keycaps, and contact points on your gear for better control and execution. Available in 4 pre-cut, all-purpose shapes with self-adhesive design for easy application.


The gaming grip tape’s textured, sweat-absorbent surface ensures a secure hold on your peripherals, so you’ll always be in control no matter how hectic gameplay gets.


Apply the gaming grip tape to crucial functions on your gear as a tactile reference point for keycaps and buttons—so you can find them easily without having to look away from the screen.


Simply peel it off and paste it on. The 3M adhesive* keeps the gaming grip tape in place during intense gaming, but is gentle enough to leave your gear undamaged when removing or reapplying new grips.

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  • What products can I apply the Razer Universal Grip Tape to?

    Thanks to its all-purpose design, the Razer Universal Grip Tape can be applied to all PC, mobile, and console peripherals (e.g., keyboard, mouse, console/mobile controllers). Paste them on contact points for added grip, or use them as tactile markers for important buttons/keycaps.

  • How many shapes does the grip tape come in?

    The Razer Universal Grip Tape is available in 4 pre-cut, all-purpose shapes: rectangle, long hexagon, and regular hexagon (in two sizes).

  • How is this grip tape different from the Razer Mouse Grip Tape?

    Razer Mouse Grip Tape is specifically designed and molded to fit different Razer mice, whereas the Razer Universal Grip Tape comes in basic shapes to allow for universal application on not just other gaming mice, but other peripherals as well.