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Raise The Level Cap

The hunger to attain superiority in every game you play is insatiable. We’ve raised the level cap with the Razer BlackWidow Elite, Razer Mamba Wireless, and Razer Kraken Tournament Edition—3 new heroes to let you challenge the boundaries of godlike performance.


Hybrid on-board memory and cloud storage Multi-function Digital Dial With Dedicated Media Controls Razer™ Mechanical Switches

BlackWidow Elite razer text

Total control right at your fingertips. The new Razer BlackWidow Elite unlocks a higher level of dexterity as it pushes the boundaries of the mechanical gaming keyboard. Featuring a new programmable Multi-Function Digital Dial, improved Razer™ Mechanical Switches with dual side walls, and Razer Hypershift, to unlock a secondary function on every key.
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    Hybrid on-board memory and cloud storage
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    Razer™ Mechanical Switches
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    Multi-function Digital Dial With Dedicated Media Controls


Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor 7 Programmable Buttons Up To 50 Hours Of Wireless Gameplay On A Single Charge

Mamba Wireless razer text

With the Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor and a resolution accuracy of 99.4% - the highest available on the market - the Razer Mamba Wireless is an avatar of accuracy. Go unrestrained for up to 50 hours of wireless gaming on a single charge, and get extended durability of up to 50 million clicks with Razer™ Mechanical Mouse Switches.
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    Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor
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    Up To 50 Hours Of Wireless Gameplay On A Single Charge
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    7 Programmable Buttons


Full Audio Controls Game/Chat Balance THX Spatial Audio

Kraken Tournament
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Turn audio into an ally with the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition, featuring THX Spatial Audio that lets you experience 360° positional sound. Obtain the perfect environment-to-communication audio ratio with Game/Chat Balance, and turn up the bass when you’re reigning that landslide victory.
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    Full Audio Controls
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    THX Spatial Audio
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    Game/Chat Balance


Razer Synapse 3

Deliver the ultimate masterstroke by rebinding buttons and assigning macros to your Razer peripherals with Razer Synapse 3. This unified hardware configuration tool unleashes extended controls to challenge what's possible in gaming.

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Razer Chroma™

Select from 16.8 million colors to create endless animated lighting effects. Personalize your devices easily by picking presets and syncing them across your desk. Take your gaming to a whole new level with Chroma-integrated games and apps for a fully immersive experience.

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