Razer Kiyo 是搭載強大多階式環狀打光燈的一體式 Full HD 網路攝影機,為你實現攝影棚等級的照明效果。這款攝影機具備快速準確的自動對焦功能,還有可完全自訂的設定,幫助你成為專業直播界的明星。

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Against a black background, 3 Razer webcams float into frame: the Razer Kiyo Pro, Kiyo, and Kiyo X.
Text appears: Create without limits
They multiply and shift about playfully, before disappearing into the big, bold text.
Text appears: Razer Kiyo Pro
The Razer Kiyo Pro pops out from the text, as its lens and sensor begin to disassemble in an exploded view.
Text appears: High performance adaptive light sensor, clarity in any light
A wall of Razer Kiyo Pros appear, rotating in several lighting conditions ranging from dim to bright.
The camera cuts to the inside of the sensor, moving deeper to reveal a glowing tunnel of light.
Text appears: Uncompressed 1080p 60fps, pure visual fidelity
We pop back out from the sensor to see the webcam once again. A smaller screen appears beside the webcam to highlight a software feature being enabled via a slider.
Text appears: HDR-enabled, more vibrant colors
The black background suddenly turns into a vibrant shade of blue and purple.
The Razer Kiyo Pro slides out of frame, replaced by the Razer Kiyo.
Text appears: Razer Kiyo
It multiplies and flies around the screen, before flying past to camera to reveal a close up of the webcam’s built-in ring light.
Text appears: Built-in ring light, studio-like illumination
The ring light glows brighter as the webcam floats in the air, moving out of frame for the next webcam in the line.
Text appears: Razer Kiyo X
With the Razer Kiyo X in the foreground, we see a smaller screen appear behind it to highlight its many customizable settings—from contrast to saturation and more.
Text appears: Fully customizable settings to suit your needs
As these settings get adjusted, we notice the video itself change in brightness and color.
The webcam exits the bottom of the frame as a USB A cable floats in from the top, connecting to a laptop.
Text appears: Plug and play
The screen wipes to black.
Text appears: Create without limits
The three webcams appear together in a final shot.
Text appears: Razer Kiyo X, Razer Kiyo Pro, Razer Kiyo
They disappear into the black background, seamlessly transitioning to the Razer logo.



Razer Kiyo 搭載內建 5600 K 日光平衡環狀打光燈,即便沒有額外燈光設備,也能提供均勻照明。另外,不用設定軟體,只要旋轉燈光,就能快速調整明亮程度。


1080p 30 FPS | 720p 60 FPS

不論你追求的是逼真細節還是更高的影格率,我們的 USB 網路攝影機能讓你兩者兼得。從 Full HD 畫質到極致順暢的影像,用最適合直播內容的影片輸出效果,讓你的觀眾目不轉睛。





Razer Synapse 3 提供完整的鏡頭控制功能

不論是亮度、對比還是飽和度,只要儲存你偏好的影片設定,就能根據不同場合切換專用的完美設定。也可搭配 OBS 與 XSplit 使用。

RAZER KIYO - 操控盡在指尖
  • 小巧且攜帶方便

    Razer Kiyo 的大小適合放進背包,帶著到處跑,因此也是行動直播的最佳選擇。

  • 靈活的安裝選購配件


#RazerStreamer 掛保證

聽聽 Razer 實況主的感想。在這裡探索 #RazerStreamer 計劃。

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Text appears: Razer Kiyo
The Razer Kiyo sits proudly atop a desktop monitor with its ring light glowing.
We open on a male streamer who enthusiastically shares his thoughts about the Razer Kiyo as he is unboxing it.
Text appears: Gringo
Dialogue: So when Razer decided to send me their webcam I was really, really excited.
Cut to a female streamer who adjusts the ring light on the Razer Kiyo while talking about it.
Text appears: Azuki
Dialogue: Because a lot of streamers don’t have a lighting set up so this comes in with a built-in ring light and it’s like so amazing.
Text appears: So amazing.
Cut to a male streamer describing the visual fidelity of the Razer Kiyo with an air of seriousness while seated at his PC gaming setup.
Text appears: Delacroix
Dialogue: You can choose in OBS between 1080p at 30 frames per second to 720p at 60 frames, which is beautiful, the image is smooth as butter.
Text appears: Smooth as butter.
Cuts back to our first streamer, Gringo, who continues talking about the Razer Kiyo.
Dialogue: Can’t even compare with the other webcams I’ve used before, because this piece of kit is really, really good.
Text appears: Really really good.
Dialogue: Thanks Razer for being awesome, and I can’t even wait for what comes next.
Text appears: Razer Kiyo. Streamer Certified by the Razer Broadcast Studio.
Razer logo appears.


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Razer Warranty 1 Year