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As the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, Razer will develop an environment and sustainability business vertical with a focus on the youth, millennials and Gen Z. Razer is committed towards a sustainable future, and aims to play its part by supporting and investing in environment and sustainability startups

By investing and supporting up-and-coming environment and sustainability startups via zVentures, Razer’s corporate venture arm, Razer hopes to fuel the growth of these startups to provide a better future for the young generations. Investments will include companies in the renewable energy, carbon and plastic segments.

Razer’s core business of gaming hardware, software and services will also partner with these startups on joint initiatives to support and meet the environmental needs of our next generation.

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Meet the Clearbot—a solar-powered, self-navigating, marine trash-collecting drone equipped with vision AI and machine-learning. By partnering up with this game-changing startup, our design and engineering expertise has helped take Clearbot’s innovative solution to the next level with a design that’s more efficient, marketable, and scalable.

The US$50M Razer Green Fund

Razer has established a US$50M funding through zVentures with the aim of empowering and accelerating sustainability companies, with a focus on renewable energy, carbon and plastic management. Promising sustainability startups with a focus on renewable energy, carbon, plastic management, and sustainable forestry may reach out to for more information.

The Nurturing Co. is an award-winning sustainable products start-up. The organization is most notable for creating BAMBOOLOO, one of the world’s first single-use plastic-free, bamboo toilet paper and home care brands. Bamboo pulp has proven to be the sustainable choice over traditional wood pulp for toilet papers.
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