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Crafted with customized 3M™ cast vinyl for extreme durability and fused with cutting-edge adhesive technologies for an ultra-precise fit, our skins are decked out in an array of striking designs to express your personal style.


Made with the same premium wrap used on luxury vehicles, our skins can withstand extreme temperatures of between -60°C to +107°C, ensuring maximum durability as you game and travel with your laptop.


Personalize your laptop with a selection of striking, full-color prints, premium textured finishes, and metallic designs that showcase your allegiance no matter where you are.


Our skins feature a highly conformable, patented adhesive that includes multiple air release channels for seamless, bubble-free application.

  • fuss-free installation and removal


    Razer Skins are pressure-activated for heat-free application and easy removal so you can personalize your laptop without leaving residue or harming the finish on your device.

  • scratch and water-resistant protection


    As slim as 110 microns, the premium, multi-layered cast vinyl offers sleek, water-resistant protection that reduces surface impressions and scratches to keep your laptop looking fresh.

  • designed, made, and shipped in the usa


    Razer Skins are designed, manufactured, and shipped in the USA, and are scheduled to arrive at your door step within days of your order.

FAQs about Razer Laptop Skins

  • Are Razer Skins compatible with the Razer Blade laptops that released in 2022?

    Razer Skins now have compatibility with 2022 Blade models. Head over to the buy page to select your designs!

  • Which Razer Blade laptop models are compatible with Razer Skins?

    • Razer Book (Model: RZ09-0357)
    • Razer Blade Stealth 13 (Model: RZ09-0310 | RZ09-0327)
    • Razer Blade 14 (Models: RZ09-0370 | RZ09-0427)
    • Razer Blade 15 (Model: RZ09-0421)
    • Razer Blade 15 Base (Models: RZ09-0300 | RZ09-0328 | RZ09-0369 | RZ09-0410)
    • Razer Blade 15 Advanced (Models: RZ09-0313 | RZ09-0330 | RZ09-0367 | RZ09-0409)
    • Razer Blade 17 (Models: RZ09-0423 | RZ09-0368 | RZ09-0406)

  • How do I install Razer Skins? (see application video)

    1. Moisten the included cleaning cloth with a small amount of warm water and use to remove any residue or buildup from your laptop.
    Note: Do not use any chemical cleaners as they may leave a residue that prevents your Razer Skins from attaching properly.
    2. Separate your Razer Skin from the film.
    3. Re-attach film to back of your skin for easier handling.
    4. Align the Skin with your laptop along all edges.
    5. Gently attach the Skin to your laptop and remove the bottom sheet.
    Note: If you don’t press to firmly, you can remove and reattach your Skin as necessary until the fit is just right.
    6. After proper alignment, peel off the protective film.
    7. Once the fit is confirmed, press firmly throughout the skin to activate the adhesive and remove any air bubbles.
    8. Your Razer Skin should cure within 48 hours and form a strong attachment to your laptop.
    Note: Once cured, you can remove the Skin without leaving a residue, but it cannot be reapplied.
    9. Repeat the installation for any remaining Skins.

  • How do I remove Razer Skins?

    1. Starting at one of the edges, peel back the Skin.
    2. Gently pull the vinyl Skin away from your laptop.Note: For best results, use a removal angle of <90º
    3. Continue pulling the Skin away until the section has been removed.
    Note: Once removed, your Razer Skins will not leave behind a residue on your laptop but are not intended for re-application.

  • How durable are Razer Laptop Skins?

    Razer Skins are designed to withstand temperatures between -60º to +107ºC.

  • Will Razer Skins cause my laptop to heat up?

    Razer Skins will not impact the cooling performance of your laptop. They are custom fit to avoid cooling vents.

  • Why can't I buy Razer Skins in my country?

    Razer Skins are produced and shipped within the United States only.