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Razer Acari


Only the slickest survive—so bring swift victory with this gaming mouse mat. Armed with an ultra-low friction hard surface that satisfies your need for speed and a large surface area that offers freedom of movement, the Razer Acari is your best bet when going up against the impossible.


Designed for a low coefficient of friction, the Acari lets you make larger, quicker swipes effortlessly, reducing fatigue. For the absolute optimal glide, pair it with a gaming mouse with 100% PTFE feet.


Optimized for greater precision, the mat’s ultraviolet-activated nano-bead surface is layered with an oleophobic coating, and lab-tested to ensure maximum tracking accuracy and responsiveness with all current-gen Pixart sensors, keeping your aim true.


Larger than the average medium-sized gaming mouse mat, the Acari’s generous 420 x 320mm surface allows you to make broad swipes without worry of running out of space, especially if you’re on a low DPI setting.


As thin as a nickel, the Acari’s lean form factor of 1.95mm is perfectly flat throughout, minimizing any possible discomfort when your wrist rests or moves along the edge of the mat as you game.


The mat’s surface is waterproof and humidity-resistant, allowing for a longer lifespan and easy routine cleaning.


The mat’s rubberized base is reinforced with a special grip texture that maintains a firm hold on your desk, ensuring a rock-solid foundation when you’re making those epic flicks.

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We’ve Got You Covered

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  • How does the Acari improve gaming performance?

    As our fastest hard mat, the Acari’s low-friction surface enables you to make larger, quicker swipes effortlessly, reducing fatigue.

  • Why do I need a mat with a fast glide?

    With a lower coefficient of friction, there’s less resistance to mouse movements, so you’ll require less force and therefore are less fatigued over time.

  • How do I care for my Acari mouse mat?

    We recommend cleaning the mat periodically by gently wiping it with a warm and damp cloth. For more details, check out our guide here.

  • How does the Acari compare with other mouse mats that Razer offers?

    Do check out our quick guide here.