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Team Razer Floor Mat

Complete your ultimate esports battlestation by covering all your bases. Introducing the Team Razer Floor Mat—a hard-surface design that allows for greater ease-of-use of your gaming chair and all-round protection that includes your floor.
The mat’s surface not only allows you to move your gaming chair easily, but also provides a distinct feel when rolling so you’ll always be aware if your gaming chair has rolled off the mat.
The tough mat protects your floor from being scratched especially when using a gaming chair, which in turn also prevents the chair’s casters from wearing out.
    With an ultra-slim form factor, Team Razer Floor Mat aligns seamlessly with your floor and can even be used on carpeted surfaces without it looking or feeling obtrusive.
  • Slip-resistant base
    The Team Razer Floor Mat has a silicone anti-slip underside that prevents it from sliding about, so it’ll always stay where you want it to.
  • Waterproof and easy
    to clean
    As the mat has a hard surface, you needn’t worry about stains, crumbs, or spills since it’s waterproof and can be cleaned with a simple vacuum and washing.
We’ve Got You Covered

We’ve Got You Covered

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