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The razer logo text name and the razer logo icon logo are amongst the most recognised brands in the global esports and gaming community.

Since its inception, Razer’s unwavering focus has been on creating and enabling an immersive gaming experience through our suite of connected devices, software and services. Our Razer brand name has since become a leading lifestyle brand which stands testament to our mission statement FOR GAMERS. BY GAMERS.™

The Razer trademarks and logos are invaluable assets and are protected by applicable intellectual property laws. The following are some of the trademarks and logos that belong to Razer:
razer logo text
razer fgbg logo v2
razer logo icon
razer team logo
Our partners are granted rights to use our trademarks, logo and other brand elements on specific terms and conditions. These guidelines set out the circumstances in which you may be granted a limited right to use our name and/or trademark. By using the Razer word mark, you are deemed to have accepted the following:
  1. Only Razer and its authorized distributors, resellers and licensees may use our stylized brand name, trademarks, slogans or logos in advertising, promotional, and sales materials. Such authorized parties are permitted to use the Razer stylized brand name, trademarks, slogan and logos on terms as specified in their agreement with Razer, and subject to Razer’s approval and consent.
  2. The "Razer" word mark may be used, but only to refer to or identify Razer’s products and services. You may not use "Razer" as part of a domain name, website, trademark, tagline, social media channel or business name without the express written consent of Razer, or in any manner which may suggest that you are sponsored or endorsed by or associated with Razer.
  3. You shall not register or seek to register any sign, name or mark which is confusingly similar to our trademarks as a trademark, domain name or business name.
  4. You may not use the Razer name in any manner which, in Razer’s sole opinion, is unlawful, misleading, tortious, obscene, defamatory, infringing, disparaging, abusive, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable. Razer reserves all right to challenge any misuse or unfair use of the Razer name.
  5. You will not challenge or assist others to challenge Razer’s right and entitlement to its trademarks, logos, slogans, product names and/or any other brand elements.
  6. All goodwill arising from your use of the Razer name shall inure to the benefit of Razer absolutely. Any use of the Razer name by you shall be accompanied by the phrase "RAZER is the trademark or registered trademark of Razer Inc."

Razer’s Intellectual Property Rights. In addition to Razer’s brand and trademark rights, all creative assets on our website and social channels are the exclusive property of Razer. Razer is the owner or authorized user of any copyright in and to such creative assets. You may not reproduce, alter or adapt any of our creative assets in any manner howsoever without our express written consent. Specifically, you may not manufacture, sell or give away any products which use or reproduce our trademarks, logos, slogans or any creative assets, including merchandise such as mugs, apparel, caps, etc. without a specific license from Razer.

Brand protection. Razer is fiercely protective of its brand and will aggressively pursue and enforce its intellectual property rights against counterfeit and infringing products, so that you can remain confident that your Razer product is genuine and made in accordance with the highest standards. If you are aware of any website, online marketplace or retail store which may be selling counterfeit products, please let us know by completing the form below:
We encourage you to provide as much information as possible so that we can investigate and verify your report. By providing the information above, you consent to any contact from us to seek further information or clarification on your report. We are under no obligation to provide you with an update on the outcome of our investigations. All information provided in this form shall be kept confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy.