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When it comes to creating a gaming chair of the future, we envision one that becomes an immersive part of your total gaming experience. Conventionally, gaming has always been confined to two main senses—sight and sound. Fitted with an advanced haptic engine for lifelike tactile feedback, the Razer Enki Pro HyperSense now allows you to truly feel at one with the action on screen.


Developed in partnership with D-BOX, the chair’s advanced haptic engine is capable of simulating a full range of vibrations, textures, and motions—generating tactile feedback that’s both realistic and responsive.

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Over 65,000 Haptic Variations

to support countless environments and scenarios

G-force of up to +/- 1G

to simulate realistic in-game physics

1.5-inch Vertical & Backward Tilt

to replicate movement and impact

Real-time Synchronization

for precise, responsive feedback of up to 5ms

Designed for Immersion

While the Razer Enki range is designed for all-day comfort through optimal weight distribution, it is these same features that do double duty on the Razer Enki Pro HyperSense—by providing optimized contact points for maximum haptic sensation.

22” Ultrawide Seat Base

Improves lower body receptiveness to haptic feedback, allowing you to feel full textures when travelling through terrain, jumping over obstacles, and more.

100⁰ Shoulder Arches

Closer contact with your upper body translates to better haptic feedback delivery for upper body movement and impacts.

In-built Lumbar Arch

With vibrations that can be felt even on your lower back, you’ll enjoy a more complete haptic experience across your entire torso.

Fully Integrated Experience for over 2,200 titles

D-BOX Haptisync technology in the Razer Enki Pro HyperSense seamlessly syncs with a vast selection of popular AAA games, movies and entertainment. The software interacts directly with the games’ physics engine, allowing for fully native integration with the encoded content to provide the most realistic tactile feedback.

For the full list of encoded content: visit the full online catalogue at https://catalogue.d-box.com/en

Supported Games

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  • supportedgames legendsofeternal
  • supportedgames bombercrew

Direct Input Haptics for all PC games

For non-encoded content, D-BOX Haptisync technology in the Razer Enki Pro HyperSense, also enhances your gaming experience by enabling haptic feedback output for all PC games, that is responsive to player-initiated controls and commands from their keyboard, mouse or controller.

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Other Features

Customize your haptic experience through the D-BOX software for all fully encoded content, and save your haptic feedback preferences like general haptic intensity, displacement level, in your personal profile.