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Razer Strider

Experience a fusion of slick swipes and crisp control with the Razer Strider—a hybrid mouse mat that combines the glide of a hard surface with the rollable, portable nature of a soft base. Designed to offer the best of both worlds, the only choice you’ll have to make is how you want to win.


Black | Quartz Edition

Hybrid Soft/Hard Mat
For the best of both worlds
Crafted for the optimal balance of speed and control—with a light glide for quick flicks, and solid stopping power for consistent precision.
    At 3mm thick, the hybrid mouse mat’s sturdy design provides a consistent foundation to game on.
    Our hybrid mouse mat is reinforced with a grooved rubber underside to truly anchor it to your desk.
    The Razer Strider can be easily stored in your backpack so you can take your game anywhere.
    Never worry about the mat stretching or losing its shape as it is thick enough to prevent warping from regular use.
    Protective stitching along its edges prevents any fraying that might result from intense use or transportation.
    The mat’s surface can shrug off any spills, which also allows for easy routine cleaning with a quick wipe down.
Download Video Transcript /

Text appears: Razer Strider. SWIPE. STOP. WIN.
We open on a shot of the Razer Strider hybrid mouse mat floating in a grey void.
The camera zooms into the mat, revealing a revolving loop.
Text appears: Hybrid mouse mat.
Dialogue: Two distinct forms, divided in philosophy.
The corner of a hard mat and corner of a soft mat float closer to make contact.
The camera zooms in on a microscopic level as they edge closer together.
Dialogue: Hard or soft.
Text appears: Hard
A Surface of hard metallic geometric shapes ebb and flow.
Text appears: Soft
A Surface of plush, circular globules push against each other.
A wave appears across the mat, as a green grid appears across its surface.
Dialogue: Speed or control.
Text appears: Fast Glide
A mouse zooms across a flat grid surface towards the horizon, flanked by hard, craggy rock formations.
Text appears: High Precision
The mouse floats across a flat dotted surface towards the horizon, flanked by rolling hills and circular floating rocks.
Dialogue: Yet one dares defy.
The mouse suddenly floats up and rotates upside down, switching gravity to land on the previous surface.
Dialogue: A blend of two styles, for the best of both worlds.
Text: Fast glide + high precision
As the mouse races towards the horizon, the gap between both surfaces—one on the top and one on the bottom—narrows as if the sky itself is closing.
Dialogue: A fusion that goes beyond convention.
The camera zooms out to a revolving loop.
Dialogue: A hybrid in a class of its own.
Text: Hybrid
A quick close-up of the mat’s underside reveals a hexagonal pattern, highlighted by green energy.
A close-up of the mat unrolling—the motion highlighted by green energy.
A close-up of the mat’s stitched edges, highlighted by green energy.
A close-up of the mat’s WATER-RESISTANT surface, highlighted by rippling green energy.
The mat shimmers with a green grid pattern.
Dialogue: The Strider.
The mat’s hexagonal pattern zooms out.
Text appears: ANTI-SLIP Base
A circular green energy appears, emphasizing the mat's rollable properties.
Text appears: Rollable and portable.
A series of green horizontal lines gravitate towards the center, building into a thicker and thicker line.
The shot zooms out to reveal the line as part of the mat.
Text appears: Anti-fraying stitched edges.
The mat’s surface ripples with green energy.
Text appears: Water-resistant.
Two different Sizes of the Razer Strider float in a grey void—one long and rectangular, one short and squarish.
Text appears: Razer Strider.
Razer logo appears.

Whether you seek absolute speed, complete control, or the best of both worlds, we can help you make the perfect choice.
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  • How does the Razer Strider differ from our hard and soft mats?

    While hard mats are for speed and soft mats are for control, the Razer Strider is a hybrid mat that provides a balance of both speed and control.

  • How does the Razer Strider differ from the Razer Gigantus V2?

    The Razer Strider features stitched edges, has a smoother glide with less dynamic friction, and has a firmer base than the Razer Gigantus V2.