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Razer Seiren Emote

Streaming has a new icon

Wow your followers and take your showmanship to new heights with the Razer Seiren Emote—the world’s first USB microphone that uses emoticons to interact with your audience. Express yourself with a dose of freshness and fun, as you say it in a way that’s more than just words.

Stream Reactive Emoticons

With the Streamer Companion App, add a new level of audience interaction and have emoticons trigger on the Razer Seiren Emote during different parts of your stream. From new followers and subs, to donations and keywords in chat, decide when and what emoticons appear to best suit your style of streaming.

8-bit Emoticon led display

Setting itself apart from other broadcast USB microphones, the Razer Seiren Emote has an 8-bit Emoticon LED Display powered by our Emote Engine, which includes a huge collection of over 100 animated and static emoticons.


At its core, the Razer Seiren Emote is a USB microphone designed to record crystal clear, broadcast quality audio. Utilizing a hypercardioid pickup pattern, it’s focused and sensitive enough to capture the nuances of your voice, picking up the smallest shifts in tone while eliminating any background noise that might bring down your stream’s sound quality.

Built-in Shock Mount

Accidental knocks and bumps can happen whenever things get exciting. The built-in shock mount nerfs vibrations, so your stream remains smooth and uninterrupted.


The Razer Seiren Emote comes with a flexible microphone extender for added height and easy adjustments to find the sweet spot for your voice.


This PC microphone works right out of the box with no complicated setups needed. Simply plug it in for your computer to recognize it to start streaming.


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  • Will the Seiren Emote work with Synapse 3?

    You will get access to basic functions on the Seiren Emote with Synapse 3. In order to customize and use emoticons you will be required to download the Streamer Companion App

  • That’s great! Do I run both programs at once or one at a time?

    The Seiren Emote is designed to work with both Synapse 3 and the Streamer Companion App running.

  • Where do I get the Streamer Companion App?

    You can download the Streamer Companion App under the “Lighting” tab for the Seiren Emote in Synapse 3. Alternatively, you can go to https://www.razer.com/streamer-companion-app for a direct download.