Razer Arctech

Whether you’re looking to protect your phone or maximize its performance, cover all angles with the new Razer Arctech. With extra ventilation channels and TPE-reinforced corners to improve its protective, heat-dissipating design, our 3rd-gen smartphone case ensures you’ll never lose your cool.
Extra Ventilation Channels
With more perforations than its previous design, the Razer Arctech allows heat generated from your phone to escape easily rather than stay trapped like in traditional cases.
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Reinforced Corners
    Thanks to strengthened corners enhanced with a tough polymer mix, the case is now even more durable and can withstand drops that might otherwise result in costly screen repairs or device replacement.
  • Soft-touch Finish with Anti-bacterial Coating

    The case has a grippy texture that not only makes it easier to hold and prevents accidental drops, but also comes with a layer of protection that prevents the growth of bacteria during daily use.
  • Tactile Side

    The side buttons for both the Razer Arctech and Razer Arctech Pro have been improved with greater tactile feedback, allowing for convenient control that feels even more satisfying.
  • Compatible with Wireless Chargers and 5G
    Charge your phone using Apple MagSafe and Qi wireless charging pads without having to remove the case, as you enjoy unhindered 5G speeds for cloud gaming and video streaming platforms.
RAZER ARCTECH (3rd Generation) RAZER ARCTECH PRO (3rd Generation)
Thermaphene™ Cooling Technology
Extra Ventilation Channels
TPE-Reinforced Corners
Anti-Bacterial Coating
Soft Touch Finish
Compatible with MagSafe and Qi


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