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In direct response to the escalating COVID-19 virus situation, Razer has committed plans to set up Singapore’s first fully automated mask production and packing line. This is to alleviate the severe shortage of masks faced around the world, particularly in the Southeast Asia region.

These face masks produced by Razer will be made to observe the highest standards and address issues faced by many face masks in the market that are not properly manufactured, do not meet proper certifications and offer little to no protection to the users.

#RazerForLife Masks

Fully automated assembly in a highly controlled environment. Certified to international standards. Proudly made in Singapore.
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Manufactured to the highest standards, our triple-layered face masks are designed to offer you a peace of mind, whether you are on the frontlines or taking appropriate safety measures.
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Want to Help? Here’s how you can contribute:

Sponsor masks for Singaporeans

Purchase mask digital gift coupons

Purchase masks in bulk

Sponsor vending machines/locations

Include your COVID-19 products in our machines

Find out more ways to help

Everyone at Razer understands that we all have a part to play in combatting the pandemic, no matter which industry we come from. Should you be interested to support our efforts, please contact us in the form provided here

Initiative proudly supported by:

Gamers in support of #RazerForLife

Play games. Pledge masks. Do good – use your existing/earned Razer Silver for masks, which we will send to frontline staff around the world fighting COVID-19. Earning silver is as easy as playing games through Razer Cortex (PC & Mobile), or buying your favorite games with Razer Gold.

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