Over the years, Razer Chroma has evolved into the most advanced and intelligent lighting ecosystem in the gaming industry. As a game developer, Razer Chroma gives your game added functionality and provides deeper immersion. You will have unlimited access to a massive arsenal of tools which will help you effortlessly enhance the gaming experiences you create for your fans. We developed Razer Chroma to be more than just fancy lighting, it is our mission to bring immersion to the next level—going beyond the screen to help gamers feel part of the game.

Overwatch tells an inspiring story that is set on an incredibly diverse world, one that takes more than just a page from comic book color themes. Each character is designed with an incredible depth of personality, through their backstories, abilities, dialogue, and unique color palette.

What else could be done to breathe even more life into these characters? Something that would truly immerse gamers into the fascinating world of Overwatch. What Razer Chroma has achieved is open a whole host of possibilities for game developers. We are always refining and improving Razer Chroma to take on greater challenges, and a stellar example of this is the partnership with Overwatch.

With their very first multiplayer FPS (First Person Shooter) game, Blizzard wanted to push the envelope of the gaming experience, to give gamers something totally unique, something that brought Overwatch into the physical world, transcending the usual limitations of the screen.


Limited only by their imagination, the Overwatch developers integrated complex lighting effects into the game with the Razer Chroma™ SDK. The simplicity of the SDK made it easy for the Overwatch team to begin creating and constantly refining lighting effects that match what they envision on screen, right on the gaming hardware the players use.

Getting in character is brought to the next level with effects that corresponded with character-specific ultimate abilities. Being the most powerful moves in-game, activating an ultimate ability triggers an impressive animation which provides a unique visual complement that’s befitting of how powerful that ability is. Going beyond aesthetics, Razer Chroma enables intuitive functionality in the form of an active tutorial. Instead of having players go through the tutorial to learn how to move in game, the ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, and ‘D’ keys are already lit to signal that those keys will be used for movement. Specific in-game events such as changing weapons, switching modes, and active abilities, also trigger effects that act as visual reminders.

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The response when gamers started discovering the integrated lighting effects the Overwatch development team created for the first time was more than overwhelming — it was phenomenal. The multi-color lighting effects on the Razer Chroma peripherals are more than just pretty lights, they help the world of Overwatch come alive through smart and seamless integration.

Making the Razer Chroma SDK work for you

Overwatch took the world by storm, and is an excellent testament to how Razer Chroma can enhance gameplay by adding a new dimension of immersion. As the demand for more exciting gaming experiences increases, and a growing number of devs work with Razer Chroma, this is the perfect opportunity for you ride this rising trend and be a part of this forward-looking community. The open source Razer Chroma SDK gives you unrestricted access to a robust set of features which will give your projects an entirely new dimension that is limited only by your creativity. Imagine watching your creations come to life through an extensive range of devices such as keyboards, mice, headsets, mouse mats, and even room lighting.

You will also be able to tap on the extensive resource library which will help anyone begin developing Razer Chroma applications and integration—complex effects made possible through an incredibly simple, intelligent, and intuitive process. From this point on, the possibilities for creating more immersive gaming experiences are so much more exciting, and Razer Chroma is constantly being developed and nurtured to push that even further.

If you’re a developer, now’s the best time to start. Color up the gaming world today.

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