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Pop Filter for Razer Seiren


Easily installed onto the microphones aluminum base, the pop filter reduces the phenomena Plosives and Sibilance when Ps and Ss are recorded.

Tech Specs

At a glance

    • Easy to install onto the microphone’s aluminum base, the Pop Filter helps reduce the phenomena “Plosives” and “Sibilance”, eliminating noticeable pops or hisses on the recording when “P’s” and “S’s” are recorded.
    • Simply combine the pop filter with the shock mount to experience unmatched recording that will have your listeners immersed in your captured moment.

Tech Specs

  • Compatible with Razer Seirēn and Razer Seirēn Pro
  • Length: 184.8 mm / 7.3”
  • Width: 53mm / 2.1”
  • Height: 150 mm / 5.9”