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Razer Junglecat Razer with Razer Phone 2 - RGB
  • Razer Junglecat Razer with Razer Phone 2 - RGB
  • Razer Junglecat - Cool RGB Background
  • Razer Junglecat with Divider - Green Background with Light
  • Razer Junglecat with Phone Casing
  • Razer Junglecat with Divider - Black Background with Light (Tilted View)
  • Razer Junglecat with Phone Casing - Black Background with Light (Tilted View)

Razer Junglecat - Option A

Portable Dual-Sided Gaming Controller for Android

  • For Razer Phone 2, Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • Portable Dual-Sided Controller
  • Modular Design


When you and the Razer Junglecat are on the move, the only place you’ll arrive at is victory. Enhance your mobile gaming experience with our dual-sided gaming controller for Android. With every one of its features made to keep you in the hunt, there’s nowhere left for your prey to run.


Improve your precision and execution with the mobile gaming controller’s twin analog thumbsticks and bumper buttons, all in a compact ergonomic form that delivers comfortable handheld gaming.


The Razer Junglecat comes with three custom cases* that keep it attached to your phone, giving you the flexibility to attach the left, right, or both of sides of the mobile gaming controller. It also includes an adapter which turns it into a standalone controller that pairs with other Android devices and Windows PCs.

*view FAQs below for list of supported phone models


Designed to pair the Razer Junglecat to your phone, the app lets you jump straight into the hottest games with a preset profile, or create your own button layout for hundreds of other supported titles.


This mobile gaming controller provides instantaneous response with a reliable, low latency connection to your smartphone.


Efficient power consumption ensures that even if you’re out and about, you’ll be able to put in over 100 hours of gaming before it needs a charge.


Mapped via the Razer Gamepad app, you can toggle a secondary thumbstick sensitivity that allows for more precise aiming when the need arises—crucial for FPS games.


Get up to 1 year of warranty and access reliable tech support. Purchase directly from RazerStore and get 14 days risk-free returns.


  • What’s included in the box?

    Option A: Controller, controller grip, custom-fit cases for Razer Phone 2, Huawei P30 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S10+
    Option B: Controller, controller grip, custom-fit cases for Razer Phone 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and Samsung Galaxy S10+

  • Can the Razer Junglecat only be used with one of the included smartphone cases?

    No, it can be paired with any compatible Android smartphone or tablet. If these devices include video output (such as Razer Phone 2), it can be used with a TV or monitor. It is also compatible with Windows PCs with a Bluetooth connection.

  • Will the Razer Junglecat work with an iOS device?

    No, the Razer Junglecat is not supported by iOS.

  • What is included in the Razer Gamepad app?

    It provides game discovery, customized button profiles, and thumbstick sensitivity adjustment. It also serves as a launcher for installed games.


ConnectivityBluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Battery Life100+ hours
Clickable ThumbstickYes
Thumbstick Sensitivty AdjustmentYes
Multi-Function Buttons2
Mecha-Tactile action buttonsNone
Trigger StopsNone
Supported phone dimensions
  • Razer Phone 2, Huawei P30 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S10+
    • Controller (Left or Right): 1.17" x 1.44" x 3.18" / 29.99 mm x 36.8 mm x 81mm
    • Controller + Slide-in Controller Grip: 1.17" x 3.18" x 4.09" / 29.9 mm x 81 mm x 104 mm
    • Controller Weight (each): 1.48 oz / 42 g
    • Controllers + Slide-in Controller Grip Weight: 0.22 lbs / 101 g
    Mobile appYes