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Arctech Pro


With the Razer Arctech Pro iPhone Case, the only thing turning up the heat is you. Experience better device performance with improved phone cooling—through a vented, drop protective case lined with a cutting-edge Thermaphene Performance layer.

Tech Specs

At a glance

  • Thermaphene Performance layer for improved heat dissipation
  • Vented channels for increased air flow
  • Drop-certified for heavy-duty protection
  • Wireless charging compatible for greater convenience
  • Network performance-friendly for unhindered connection

Tech Specs


  • iPhone Xr - 8.10cm x 15.62cm x 1.18cm
  • iPhone X / Xs - 7.62cm x 14.89cm x 1.12cm
  • iPhone Xs Max - 8.27cm x 16.28cm x 1.11cm
  • iPhone 11 - 8.10cm x 15.62cm x 1.18cm
  • iPhone 11 Pro - 7.67cm x 14.93cm x 1.16cm
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max - 8.32cm x 16.32cm x 1.16cm
  • Razer Phone 2 - 8.49cm x 16.44cm x 1.2cm