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Mental Health Awareness Day Feature

In commemoration of World Mental Health Day this October, we’ve prepared an insightful 4-part series to play our part in raising awareness on mental health issues and the need to support esports players in this arena. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring different Team Razer members as they share their experiences on the pressures they face as professional players and how they maintain peak performance amidst the stresses of the job.


Revered for his mastery of unconventional characters in the ruthless Street Fighter arena, Xian has clinched multiple titles at major tournaments throughout his stellar career and is best remembered for his triumph at the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition at EVO 2013. Having also recently won EVO Online 2021 Asia South, he’s currently stealing the scene with his weapon of choice – Seth.

1. How do you recognize signs of burnout and what do you do to try to prevent it?

I immediately recognize the signs of burnout when I don’t feel motivated to game when I wake up the next morning. My eyes might start to hurt, my back and neck feel sore, and I tend to lose more often at my matches. To prevent this, I make sure to take a break from gaming every two hours.

2. How do you fix yourself whenever you feel burned out?

Whenever I’m feeling burned out, I’ll try playing a different genre of game, or simply take a long break away from my computer. I try to empty my brain of any thoughts, rest my eyes by looking at greenery, and breathe in some fresh air outside my training room.

3. How does stress affect your ability to perform or create content?

As a competitive gamer, it’s not unusual for me to find myself in extremely stressful situations. I’ve gotten quite used to this over the years, so it doesn’t really affect my performance on the whole. It also doesn’t affect my ability to create content since I enjoy the creative process and find it relaxing.

4. How do you maintain a balance between work and your other hobbies?

To find that delicate balance between work and life, I always make sure to keep my priorities in mind before setting my schedule for the week. That way, I won't miss important work-related tasks, and have the freedom to enjoy the rest of my time.