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Razer Cortex: VR

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Discover and download a wide variety of Virtual Reality content

Access free and paid VR experiences in an ever expanding library of games, cinematic VR, documentaries and other downloadable experiences in Razer Cortex: VR.

Compatible with a variety of VR devices

Filter content by the VR headsets and controllers you own to get quick access to experiences compatible with your hardware setup.

OSVR devices

Supports OSVR enabled content and hardware

OSVR - Open Source Virtual Reality is the largest open source virtual reality platform enabling industry wide hardware and content cross compatibility. With support for multiple platforms including SteamVR and Vireio Perception, thanks to OSVR, Cortex allows you to experience a limitless amount of content on a multitude of devices.

Plug in. Play Everything.

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Developing your own VR content? Reach out to us!

If you’re a developer working with VR, Razer Cortex is the perfect place to showcase your Virtual Reality creations to millions of users. Contact us at